Wednesday, 17 January 2018

It's a...

Today we had our 'anomaly scan' which is to check that baby's anatomy is forming right, that they're healthy and that everything is where it should be and developing at the right rate.

It's also the scan where they can tell the sex of the baby - if you want to know - providing it isn't lying in an awkward position.

Here's our scan photo from today, showing little peanut mid yawn/laugh. Just like mumma, mouth always open!

All the little monkey did all the way through the scan was yawn. Again, just like mumma - always tired.

It was being very stubborn and awkward (could take after either me or Tom in that!) and wouldn't move for the sonographer to get the final look at the heart she needed. Despite her wriggling the doppler thing on my belly and pressing on my bladder very hard, peanut wasn't budging.

She sent me for a 'brisk' walk to the hospital entrance, had me rolling over on my sides, tipped the bed up so my head was heading towards the floor, and had me on all fours shaking my bum around.

Peanut was also face-on the whole way through the scan. It was absolutely terrifying - but beautiful, obvs - seeing both eyes, nose and mouth face on. We could see the feet dancing about and arms were up by the head stretching out.

It was amazing seeing how much it's grown since November and seeing little toes and little fingers.

Now to the part I know you're all here for...

Everyone, bar three people, said to me they thought that peanut is a girl. I didn't ever have any strong inkling, and none of the old wives' tales were the same to point me towards one gender or the other. The only feeling I had was after dreams I'd had where it was a girl. Even the one where they said it was a boy, the person scanning me kept saying "she".

So with no clue, no inkling and no feeling whatsoever I was super excited to find out that baby Kershaw is a....


Yep, everyone was right (no idea how they all had the feeling it was a girl, but they were spot on!)

We're both over the moon and, of course, would have been either way as long as it's healthy. But we're super excited we're going to have a little baby girl. Tom is already predicting that she's going to be a massive daddy's girl. I'm sure she'll have him wrapped around her little finger from the second she makes her entrance.

So, there we have it. Peanut is a girl!

Now we're at the halfway point I have a feeling it's going to go really quickly now (until the last few weeks) so we are going to spend our week off next week getting organised. It's all suddenly feeling really real!

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Friday, 12 January 2018

Gender reveals, belly photos and pregnancy massages

I'm aware I'm a bit late to the party, but 2018 is here which means I will be popping a baby out this year.

Holy moly.

Christmas and New Year absolutely wiped me out, we were so busy visiting family and friends we didn't have a single night where we just sat at home and lounged in front of the tv for over two weeks.

Peanut did pick up some lovely little presents over Christmas, though - not a bad haul for someone who isn't going to be making an appearance until the summer!

I was shattered when I went back to work and was really dreading going to London last weekend to see my uni girls. I was so, so excited to see them and catch up, but I was so worried I was going to be exhausted and unable to enjoy myself properly.

However, out of nowhere, I seem to have got this new wave of energy.

The spa day on Saturday most definitely help with that, I am sure.

I had the most amazing pregnant lady treatment - they started soaking my feet in rose water and did a foot scrub and moisturising treatment, then I had a back massage which was rather strange as I lay on my side with my leg cocked over some rolled up towels. I then had to roll onto my other side, for her to do the other half of my back, as I can no longer lay flat on my front. Then followed a neck and shoulder massage, as well as this strange yet satisfying thing she did to my head, a foot and lower leg massage, and a facial. I felt absolutely amazing afterwards. Although, I did try and stand up too quick so felt a bit light-headed!

I came back from London feeling refreshed, revitalised and reenergised. I think *touches wood* I might finally be entering into that period of pregnancy that everyone says they love.

I'm not struggling with sickness anymore, my appetite is back to normal, my food aversions have all gone, and I no longer feel like I could fall asleep standing up at any given opportunity.

I also now have quite the noticeable baby bump, which literally seems to have appeared out of nowhere the last week.

It's now rather round and a bit more obvious.

Liz and Hannah got me a 'baby on board' badge to wear on the tube around London. The idea is that people see it and let you sit down. In reality, it didn't quite work like that. However, I did point out I was wearing lots of layers, so just looked like a big eskimo lady, and the people sat down couldn't see the badge pinned to my coat as it was much higher than their eye line.

We are rapidly approaching the halfway point of this pregnancy now, which is a little bit scary. I have a feeling that the second half - bar the last couple of weeks - is going to by so quickly and I definitely don't feel ready quite yet for that.

The nursery, which started off as a nice blank canvas once the spare bed had gone, has turned into a dumping ground-come-washing room.

We have barely bought anything yet for the baby, just a few vests when they were on offer at Tesco and M&S and a crib which had lots of money off in the Boxing Day sales.

On Wednesday, we have our next scan so will be given the chance to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl. We both said, pretty much straight away, that we would find out.

While I love the idea of keeping it a surprise until it is born, and wish I could wait that long to find out, the temptation to know now is too much. To know I could be told there and then, and not find out, is too much.

It's one of the first questions people asked me, too, when I said I was pregnant: "Are you going to find out if it's a boy or a girl?"

So many people have been quick to judge my response, which I suppose just gears me up for what motherhood is going to be like with people judging everything you do...!

Most people have said it's lovely to find out and get prepared, but some people have simply just asked me "why do you want to know?" They've said it'll ruin the surprise, but I don't really look at it like that.

It's still going to be a surprise for us whether we find out now or in another 20 weeks.

A lot of people I know who are also pregnant are keeping it a surprise until they give birth, and I am so admirable of their willpower to do so. I can't imagine people would turn around to them and asked why they don't want to find out now and why they don't want to get organised or prepared. It's every couple's personal preference, and everyone is different.

So we will be finding out whether our little peanut is going to be baby girl Kershaw or baby boy Kershaw. And I can't wait!

I love the idea of doing a big gender reveal, so having the sonographer write the gender in a sealed envelope and us give it to a balloon maker or a cake maker for us to do a reveal for us with our family and friends. Tom, however, is not so keen on that idea. He wants to know there and then, and says he couldn't possibly wait from the Wednesday until the weekend... So that idea is off the table!

We both have the following week off work, as it's Tom's birthday, so we are hoping to start planning the nursery out then. It's going to be grey and white, regardless of what sex the baby is, but with little splashes of either pink or blue. Maybe the odd cushion, blanket or rug.

That's about where we are at at the moment.

I've started feeling the flutters from peanut wriggling around now. After seeing how much of a wriggler he/she was when we had our first scan, I am sure I'll know about it in the next week fews when the kicks start.

I'm super excited to see it again on Wednesday and see how much it has grown/developed since November, and of course finally be able to stop referring to "it".

Keep your eyes peeled for the 'big reveal' next week! For now, here's a peek at my ever-growing gut.

Avert your eyes if you're easily offended.

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Monday, 18 December 2017

Looking back on 2017

This year has just been the most amazing year.

When I am old and grey, I will look back on 2017 as one of the best years of my life; I am sure of it.

It's just been full of the most beautiful and amazing memories, good news and amazing opportunities for not just Tom and me, but our closest family and friends too.

Of course, as well as Tom and I getting married, we watched our best friends and favourite couple - Soph and Paul - get married too.

My brother got engaged, Tom's sister got engaged, and it was happy times for more of our best friends as Hattie and Jamie got engaged.

This year has just been the year of the celebration. It's no wonder there are talks of a prosecco shortage making Mail Online!

I decided to take a look back at some of my 2017 highlights, with some of the best people in the whole, wide world.

My hen party started it all off, back in March, and was just a laugh a minute from start to finish. I couldn't be more thankful for the gorgeous group of girls that I have in my life who helped me celebrate becoming a Mrs in style on the wet weekend in Holmfirth.

Then, of course, there was our wedding which was just amazing. I will cherish the memories from that day forever. We are so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such supportive and loving friends and family who helped make our wedding day perfect in every single way.

Fresh from our nuptials, Tom and I headed to Northumberland. We spent the most gorgeous week tucked away in a little cottage on the coast where we ate lots of food, watched all the Harry Potter films, played chess, and drank lots of wine.

It was then time to turn our attention to another big day - that of my number one girl and best friend. Her hen party! We headed to a spa in the Dales and had the most fun weekend ever. I've never felt so pampered, and so drunk, all at the same time. We made so many memories that weekend that I will treasure forever.

A few weeks later and there was another celebration in the form of Jack and Amy's engagement party! They got engaged in Mexico about a month after our wedding. It really was the Mexico Dream after all!

Literally, the next day, we were at Selby Abbey celebrating our lovely neighbours getting married. James and Chloe have been planning their wedding pretty much the same amount of time as us, so it was lovely to share their day with them and see all their plans come together.

August was the turn of Mr and Mrs Duck. The most perfectly gorgeous day which was full of smiles from the second we opened our eyes that morning. Soph looked like an absolute angel and was the most beautiful bride I have ever laid eyes on. So effortlessly beautiful and just the happiest, most lovely couple ever. I still get emotional thinking back on the day now!

With Soph and Paul safely back from their honeymoon, we headed off on ours. Dubai and Seychelles were just the two most amazing places. We had the best time ever, saw some of the most beautiful, most amazing places on this earth, and made enough memories to last a lifetime.

As if that wasn't enough excitement, two days after getting back from honeymoon we found out we were pregnant. A little baby Kershaw is on the way!

Not quite content with that being it for celebrations and excitement for one year, we've still got so much to look forward to in the shape of Christmas.

Jack's fiancee, Lauren, is flying over from the States for Christmas and New Year, we're having a huge family Christmas Day with my family and Tom's all coming together to celebrate, and we're in the process of planning a lovely New Year with our best friends and fellow newlyweds Mr and Mrs Duck.

2017 has been amazing for Tom and I, and our closest family and friends. It's been full of love, laughter, and dreams coming true for so many people that we love and hold dearly. We can't wait to see what 2018 brings, with baby Kershaw's arrival being just one of the highlight on our calendar already.

2018 has got a lot to live up to, but I am pretty sure it will be just as amazing, if not even better.

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