41 things 90's kids will remember

1. The letter on the inside of the smarties tube was the initial of the person you were going to marry.

2. Everyone wanted 'Tubby Toast' for breakfast

3. Games in the school playground usually involved 'pogs' and 'tazos'

4. The tape coming out of your video was always a distressing time

5. Everyone had at least one of these in their pencil case

6. As well as some smelly gel pens

7. We were all expert fortune tellers thanks to these

8. Everyone was obsessed with these

9. You sent your tamagotchi to work with your parents because you couldn't have it at school and you couldn't let it die

10. Penny sweets were actually a penny

11. The excitement of renting a video from here

12. Your game didn't work? Just blow in it!

13. You couldn't drink orangeade without doing this...

14. These guys were the reason to get up early on a Saturday morning

15. You still have a box somewhere full of these

16. You always wished you could make a 'big Art Attack'

17. You remember Furby from the first time round

18. This was the must-have for every bathroom

19. There were new episodes of Friends that you hadn't seen before

20. You had to clear your inbox to receive more texts

21. You had a pair of these the first time round

22. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air song

23. You remember Opal Fruits being around

24. You always wanted to take these for your dinner, even though they were horrible

25. These were the best thing your mum could come home from the supermarket with

26. Your first real emotional involvement in a film

27. These were the boys

28. These never had babies

29. It was effort to get a good ringtone

30. Having to delete characters and spaces in your messages so it didn't cost you an extra 10p

31. The first thing you did when you bought a new CD was check you had the lyric book so you could learn all the words

32. This, a microphone and a blank tape meant hours of fun making your own radio shows

33. Everyone wanted a Bernard's Watch

34. The 'grown-up' film that even you could watch

35. Everyone wanted to go on this show and take on the travelator 

36. Robbie leaving Take That

37. The decade of the boybands

38. Blobby, Blobby, Blobby!

39. Everyone wanted to go on this

40. The cool glittery skipping ball which looked strangely like a ball and chain

41. Kinder Eggs weren't ridiculously over-priced and actually contained a good toy



  1. A great post, good to see some of these things again. Have to be honest I don't remember skip rope??

  2. Thank you! Ah don't you? Every girl (and some boys!) had them in our playground at primary school :) x

    1. I was there. Its so true. We all had one.

  3. This is amazing, so many memories

  4. Love this! My 3 year old son loves rugrats so I still get to watch it :D great memories here

    1. Aww that's a great excuse!! :) xx

    2. Ah Rugrats...Chuckie was voiced by a woman, who was surprisingly pretty. She also voice the pig Babe in the movies...useless fact of the day there :) What the hell wqas Froofoo. And don't think ever lusted after a pocket watch. Still, all good memories :)

    3. That's so weird, I actually read an article about the Chuckie/Babe voice lady last week!
      Frufoos were yoghurts with a toy in the middle and yoghurt and sprinkles around the edge - total rubbish but the best thing ever as a kid haha!

  5. Taken back to my childhood!


  6. Sweet post :D and don't forget the series 'Saved by the bell' :D

    1. And Sabrina! They don't make tv like they used to :( x

    2. Well do they make anything like they used to not really to be fair things must change

  7. Hahaha so many memories. Especially of me sulking because I wasnt allowed to take a lunchable into school even tho I hated them, hey I only wanted to show off to my friends lol
    And OMG it was like an unwritten rule, who ever knows how to create the simpsons ringtone, is basically god of the playground :D

    1. I was exactly the same - hated the cheese but was desperate to take them to school instead of a boring sandwich ha! x

    2. Gameboy is missing and british bulldogs the game ofcourse , hopefully i need not explain that , and collecting conkers i know we did that in my school :P

  8. yes yes yes yes and yes - -frufoo's OMG totally forgot about those.

    1. I'm glad someone else remembers them - I was starting to think it was just me haha x

  9. You missed out go go's they were out round about the same time as the pog craze

  10. Amazing! Literally smiled the way through reading this!

  11. also the monster munch that turned ur tounge blue

  12. I remember a limited edition ketchup that was snot green colour, safe to say Heinz didn't make that again as far as I'm aware.

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