24 trends that all noughties teens will remember

I feel quite hard done by when I see teenage girls nowadays.  When I was a teenager, before I graduated into a fully-fledged, clued up female I had to go through the awkward phase.  We all had one - braces, bright orange unblended foundation, garish coloured eyeshadows, sparkly lipgloss that came free with Sabrina's Secrets...

There's no awkward, in between stage for teenage girls now.  New Look doesn't stock pretty butterfly t-shirts and colourful jumpers with flowers on in their 915 section - it's just smaller versions of the actual New Look stock.  Teenage girls today can get bodycon skirts, crop tops, high-waisted skinny jeans...the lot!!

 And there's no awkward make-up stage either where your foundation doesn't match and you've got the good old line down your chin.  Teenage make-up bag aren't filled with glittery goodies and freebies from magazines but Mac make-up and actual, real life brands.

The awkward stage seems to have been well and truly bypassed with them all diverting straight to pretty.  When I was a teenage girl, there was no avoiding the awkward stage.  It was a long and difficult slog working through the awkward stage of being a teenager - teenage girls these days should do their time like the rest of us did.

Here are some of my favourite awkward 'fashion', hair and 'beauty' trends experienced by girls growing up in the noughties...

1. Hair mascara
It was all the range to put a strip of coloured mascara through random bits of your hair. 

2. Coloured eye liner
And coloured mascara.  They really worked well with the bright eyeshadows...

3. A full head of teeny, tiny plaits
A 90s/00s crossover was the full head of plaits favourite by many noughties teenage girls.  This was a personal favourite of mine.  As was the crimped look once you took them all out the next day!

4. Denim mini skirts
With a lace trim around the bottom or some sort of coloured pattern on.  School discos and birthday parties were the perfect opportunities to whack out this staple wardrobe piece.

5. Layered tops
A black vest with a smaller white vest over the top.  Or a pink t-shirt with a different coloured vest over the top.  Or even a long-sleeved t-shirt with a short-sleeved t-shirt over it.  The possibilities were endless! 

6. Folded over the shoulder tops
Even if your top wasn't designed to fold over the shoulders you'd make damn sure it did.  I had a lovely brown jumper which over time I stretched enough to sit perfectly over my shoulders (which consequently were always cold!)

7. Halter neck tops
Tammy Girl (oh, Tammy Girl - RIP) was awash with halter neck tops - sparkly ones, sequin ones, slightly open-backed ones...

8. Crimped hair
I refer to number 3 - whether the crimped effect was achieved with the trusty Babyliss Crimper or plaiting your hair into dozens of tiny plaits, every girl loved a crimp.

9. Bohemian maxi skirts
They tied with a nice draw string and were very 'boho' - white and khaki green were the favourites.  Teamed with those sequin slippers (they literally were slippers!) it was a very popular look.

10. Hair tied back with those two little strands of fringe left down
A slicked back ponytail was all the range but if you had a long fringe and could leave those two strands at the front free you were cool. 

11. Black elastic neck chokers
These are back with a vengeance now, but every girl had one at one stage.  And they weren't just black - they were fluorescent, neon, multi-coloured...

12. Baggy flared jeans
There was none of this skinny and high-waisted jeans malarkey.

13. All jewellery was from Claire's Accessories
It used to be good, honest.

14. It was all about 'Livestrong' bands and various other charity bracelets
There was none of this Pandora, Links of London, Nomination - it was pure rubber and plastic on our wrists.

15. Most school bags were Warehouse or Jane Norman.
And a good carrier bag for your books and PE kit was always important.

16. Glitter hairspray
In fact, glitter everything - glitter moisturiser, glitter body wash, roll-on body glitter... We sparkled our way through the noughties.

17. Charlie body sprays
Charlie Red was a favourite in every school bag.

18. Clear mascara
Unsure of what the point of this was, but we all used it!

19. Velour tracksuits
Everyone wanted a Juicy Couture tracksuit with 'Juicy' emblazoned across the bum.

20. Baker boy hats
Keira Knightley set the trend in Love Actually and saw a rise in girls wearing these strange hats with even stranger outfits.

21. Belts that didn't need to be there
Particularly the brown, circular belt with the studs on (now made famous by Corrie's Deidre)

22. Maybelline dream matte mousse
Once you'd progressed from the orange, badly blended foundation the next step was dream matte mousse.  All hail Maybelline for saving teenage girls across the land.

23. GHDs were the new, big thing
So obviously everyone started straightening their hair every day - say hello to poker straight hair and split ends!

24. Combat trousers
Made famous by girl bands and typically teamed with a nice halter neck top.

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  1. Reading through this list is like looking back at my tweenie years!
    My younger sister has much much better make-up than I have ever had, why doesn't she use natural collection like I used to?!