Confessions of a wayward Slimming World target member

I've been so, so rubbish at posting anything recently.  Life has been so hectic and crazy in every way imaginable, I just don't know where the time has gone.

I remember my new year's resolution last year was to post on my blog more.  I did really well, too, up until November time.

I think I'll set a similar one this time around.  Posting on my blog is, in some ways, like therapy for me.

It's not only my blogging that fell by the wayside towards the end of 2016.  My Slimming World dedication got lost along the way too.

After I reached target in March I think I went to group three, maybe four, times.  After a couple of busy weeks I stopped going and just stuck to it on my own.  This worked okay.  I would have a week with hiccups, followed by a week back on plan, then another hiccup.  But I managed to remain in my target range all the way until September.

When I was in hospital I lost lots of weight and fell out the bottom of my target by quite a lot.  The week after I came out, Tom and I had a week off from work which had been booked for months.  All we did on that week was eat out.  From there, it was a downward spiral.

My birthday came in October and, again, all we did was eat and drink.  Every single thing, good or bad, that happens in my life is celebrated/marked with food.  I have a bad day, I reach for food.  If there's something to celebrate, we go out for a meal.  My life literally revolves around food.

By the time Christmas came I knew I had put more than just a couple of pounds on.  I hadn't weighed myself since September and, while I didn't want to become obsessed with the number on the scales, I knew I couldn't say the weight gain was anything to do with gaining muscle through exercise.

I cancelled my gym membership at the end of October because it was going up by £10 a month, so haven't stepped foot in there since.  I've been walking to work as many days as possible but even that couldn't counteract the food I've been stuffing in my face.

Part of the problem, food wise, was that I stopped being so organised.  I used to plan the meals for the week when I was doing the shopping list, so I knew what to buy and what I was cooking.  When I stopped doing this, I stopped thinking healthily.  Instead, I started thinking quick and easy.  While quick and easy can be healthy, my choices weren't always great.

To make matters worse, my wedding dress came into the shop just before Christmas.  It fit me perfectly, just a teeny bit tight around my hips, but it was literally the perfect fit.  The only problem with that was that they had ordered me a bigger size, and if I had been the same size as when I ordered it it would've been too big.  They ordered me a 12 to fit my bum and hips in, but everything else measured as a 10.  I know wedding dress sizes are usually smaller, and my size 10 jeans still fit me comfortably, but it's never a nice feeling.

I knew there was no point me trying to get back on the Slimming World train a week before Christmas.  But I did think carefully about what I was eating, trying to enjoy things in moderation and still get plenty of fruit and veg in me.

Once Christmas was out the way I braved the scales.  To be honest, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting.  I have put 10lbs on since I reached my target weight.  I felt like it was more like a stone and a half, so I was pleasantly surprised.  But I knew I had to take action before it was more.

I could lose 10lbs in two weeks with real ease when following Slimming World 100%.  My biggest loss was 6lbs, and another week I lost 5.5lbs.  I didn't do anything different those weeks.  I didn't deprive myself or only eat lettuce or only drink shakes.  I just followed the eating plan.

On Monday I boarded the Slimming World train once again and I already feel better for it.  I got organised with meals for the week, batch cooking and preparing as much as I could to make tea easier when I get in from work.  Last night we had the Caribbean Pepperpot Stew which I had prepared on Monday and put in the slow cooker yesterday morning.  All I had to do when I got in was do some rice to go with it.  Easy peasy.

For tonight's tea we've got some speedy bolognese which will just need some pasta and vegetables making to have with it.  I've also got everything to make a chicken casserole and a lovely sausage and gnocchi dish (a Lean in 15 special which is Tom's current favourite tea).

I will try and go it alone with Slimming World to get me back into my target range but I know group is the way to speed the process up and increase my chances of succeeding.  When I read my blog posts from last year about Slimming World I feel so inspired and motivated to get back on it.  Then, next thing I know, I'm covered in crumbs after demolishing three chocolate digestives.

I have renewed my gym membership this week and started drinking some really lovely green tea, which I am hoping will all work together to work its magic and sort me right out.  It's 10 weeks until my hen weekend and just over 100 days until the wedding, it's time to get my bum in gear!

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