The one where Tom forgets his vows

Anyone who knows me knows what a huge fan of the TV sitcom 'Friends' I am; quoting phrases from the show and likening scenarios to it on a daily basis.

So, when Tom started flapping that we'd have no rehearsal for our wedding, I couldn't risk throwing in an absolute gem.

Over tea the other night, the conversation went something like this: "Doesn't it worry you that we won't have a rehearsal for the wedding?"

I assured him that our wedding coordinator at the venue would tell everyone where they needed to be in terms of seating, and would ensure everything ran smoothly.  In terms of the vows, I said all we need to do is repeat what the registrar says.  Simple.

Unless, of course, you're Ross Geller.

I said to Tom: "It's easy, all you need to do is repeat everything the registrar says.  I, Thomas William Kershaw take thee Natalie Jane Derham. Just don't do a Ross and say the wrong name..."


While I thought I was a comedy genius, this wound Tom up even more.

"Oh Nat why did you have to say that?? Now I'm going to be thinking about it panicking and worrying I'll say the wrong name," he flapped.

After repeating my full name about 10 times he decided he might just "say that bit really quietly" to avoid doubt.  Years down the line, when we sit down to watch our wedding video with our children, I look forward to explaining to them why daddy suddenly goes so quiet when saying what is, arguably, the most important part of the vows.

Our friend joked that she would sit in the (I almost typed crowd then, as if we're getting married at Wembley stadium in front of thousands!) congregation (is that right?) with cue cards to remind him to say the right thing.

One of our tasks for our upcoming week off is to fill in all the paperwork for the registrar to decide the components of our ceremony - whether we want any readings/who we want to do them; how we want to be introduced after the ceremony; whether we are writing our own vows etc.  Hopefully, after we have done that, Tom will feel much more at ease about the whole situation. Bless him.

I mean, it's not like we haven't known each other for years.  And been engaged for two years.  And lived together for over two years. It's understandable how he could forget my name...

When we get to that part of our vows I know we will both be thinking of the conversation we had over tea and trying not to laugh/say the wrong name.

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