Happy Valentine's Day

As a single person, I bloody hated Valentine's Day. I mean, what is there to like about it if, like me, you never had a valentine? It's like vegetarians celebrating bacon sandwich day.

However, since Tom came into my life it's been a different story. I kinda see what it's about now.

I say 'kinda', because I think you should show someone everyday how much you love them, and not just save it for one day a year. Although, it is lovely seeing on Facebook so many loved up people and so much 'niceness' everywhere. There's not enough of that in the world at the moment.
Everything is always so expensive on Valentine's Day too - meals out double in price and flower costs soar. The only bonus is Prosecco is halved and so are the choccies (although, not much good for me when I'm following Slimming World to the letter!)

We never go extravagant on Valentine's Day. Tom usually gets me flowers and something silly. I wouldn't have it any other way.

This year, he got me a single red rose for me getting home from work last night. There was also two cards on the side. I thought I maybe had a secret admirer, but they were both from Tom.

When I asked him why he'd got me two, he said: "One you can show your mum and one is just for your eyes."

He's so funny.

He then "had to go out" because the florist he called at on the way home from work only had bouquets for £75 left. £75 for flowers - are you having my eyes out?! That, right there, is why I think Valentine's Day is silly. I love flowers, but if Tom spent £75 on a bouquet I would seriously question his sanity. They are beautiful while they last but they will die. 

Anyway, he returned from town, ordered me to shut my eyes, switched all the lights off, fumbled around in the cupboard under the stairs, before 'ta-dah'-ing with a huge gift bag emblazoned with 'happy birthday' and a bunch of flowers sticking out the top.

Inside, there was the new Bridget Jones film, some confetti stuff for the bath (who knew that was a thing) and some lip balm. You may be thinking 'lip balm, how random' but there is a tale.

Every night, when we're about to go to sleep, I remember I've not put my lip balm on. This lives in my handbag, which is the other side of the bedroom. Tom always has some lip balm on his side of the bed, so I always ask to borrow his. Every night he huffs and puffs when he has to turn the light back on and find the lip balm. So he got me my own. That, right there, is what Valentine's Day is about!

We also exchanged cards last night because, in Tom's words, "I'll be too tired in the morning." 

He has today off work after working the weekend so doesn't surface until mid to late morning. 

"Fair enough," I thought. I wouldn't be happy if he woke me up at 6.15am to give me a card. Unless it was his debit card.

We swapped cards, it was all cute, I sat back down to watch Coronation Street, and then it came. The real reason he gave me my Valentine's goodies a night early...

"I'm just off to play on the Xbox now for 25 minutes babe."

Suddenly it all made sense. He wasn't really saving himself from the early rise. He could've still had his lie in and just given me my cards etc. when I got home from work.

Nah, he was buttering me up so I wouldn't kick off about him playing on his bastard Xbox for '25 minutes' (which is always more like over an hour). Sneaky. 

We have no extravagant plans tonight. We've got the Morrisons Valentine's meal in the fridge (which was such great value I'm considering going and buying another for tomorrow night's tea!) and that's the extent of our 'celebrations'. Tom has said we can watch the new Bridget Jones that he bought me too.

Unless he finds it as hilarious as I did when I saw it in the cinema, I guarantee he'll be upstairs on his Xbox by 9pm.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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