Forget the Porky Lights sausage scandal, this little porky pig is getting lighter!

I've done it - I lost two pounds this week which is what I needed to get myself back in my target range. Yippee! 

I've felt in control this week. Tuesday evening I went to the cinema with my best friend so made sure I kept my HEB so I could have two of the salted caramel Hi-Fi bars in the cinema. When I bought them in group I was told they taste like toffee popcorn - but they're soooo much nicer than that.

I had the two of those with a 30g bag of Proper Corn sweet and salty popcorn, which was six syns, and that kept me going until tea.

We went to Pizza Express for tea. Usually, I'd order a big pizza without even thinking twice. I don't want to be a really boring person who goes out for a meal and has a salad which costs an insane amount of money and could have been made for a fraction of the price at home. But, at the same time, I was conscious that weigh-in was just 24 hours away and didn't want to undo my hard work.

I opted for the pizza with the hole in the middle filled with salad. I quickly worked a couple of bits out on my app and this came out at 22 syns, which I was happy with. It was nice, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't a proper pizza. 

I absolutely love eating out, and when I'm back comfortably in my target range I won't be so anal about my choices, but I really wanted to try be sensible last night.

Similarly, when we took my mum out for tea on Friday. Usually I'd go all out and have pie or curry or something with chips and onion rings, but I was still feeling so focused from Wednesday night. I decided on poached salmon with rice, vegetables and a big bowl of salad from the salad bar. I did indulge in a couple of glasses of wine, but stayed within my syns for the day - win!

Some of my days at work have been crazy busy this week, so crazy that I've missed lunch. You know shit's serious when I miss a meal. Thursday I was in court, and I had such a rubbish day, I ate my tuna sandwich and that was all I had time for. I had a haul of fruit with me which didn't even get touched.

Monday was similar. I'd taken soup to work to have for my dinner but was so busy it was 3.30pm by the time I realised I'd not had it. Instead I just grazed on fruit through the day, but was starving when I got home. I decided that, as I was so hungry, I'd do pasta and chips (SW friendly, I must add) to have with tea that night. I did eat almost an entire broccoli as well, and carrots, but I just needed the carbs - my poor stomach thought my throat had been cut!

I have also finally managed to get my hands on the elusive Fibre One bars. I've seen so much hype about them I basically just wanted to try them to see what the fuss was about.

They're currently on offer at Morrisons at £1 per box - they're usually £2.80! As soon as I caught wind of the offer I added a box of each flavour to my online shop. By the time I went back to it that evening, to add some more for my best friend, they'd all gone.

I had visions of mine not turning up, and me getting real brownies as a substitute, but thankfully all three boxes were present and correct when my shopping came.

I've seen everyone say how small they are, and they're not wrong, but they were tasty. I wouldn't pay £2.80 for them, but would definitely buy them again (if I can find them) when they're on offer.

Ive tended to crumble them up and mix them with a Muller Light and Hi-Fi bars, it makes for a really sweet, low-syn treat, rather than me inhaling the square in one mouthful.

I have tried a few new things this week. I made the nacho-style feast from the Slimming World website on Saturday night.

When I dished it up (literally just put the dish I cooked it in on a plate and on the table) I thought I should've maybe served something else with it. It didn't look a lot.

But it was so filling and really, really tasty.

My pudding afterwards was the below - 7 syns of heaven.

I managed to save my HEB (which is something I always struggled with) so crumbled two rocky road Hi-Fi bars in the bottom of the glass. I then mixed a vanilla Muller Light with a Cadbury Highlights sachet (2 syns) and a teaspoon of Choc Shot (0.5 syn) and put that on top, added some raspberries and a crumbled Fibre One chocolate brownie (4 syns) and another teaspoon of Choc Shot to drizzle over the top (0.5 syn) and voila!

It was so, so nice. So chocolatey and felt so indulgent.

Sunday morning's breakfast was similar. I made the same pancakes as last week but tweaked them and added Choc Shot to the mixture for a more chocolatey hit.

They worked out as one syn for the above for a teaspoon of Choc Shot in the mixture and a teaspoon of it drizzled over the top.

To make the pancakes I mixed 40g porridge oats with one egg, 50ml milk, a teaspoon of sweetener, a teaspoon of Choc Shot, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. I served them with raspberries, strawberries and fat free Quark, with a teaspoon of Choc Shot drizzled over the top. One syn for the lot - beaut!

Choc Shot seems to feature heavily in my blog this week. If you're following Slimming World, and you haven't yet checked it out, I really would recommend doing so. It's so, so good and is just 0.5 syns per teaspoon! And a teaspoon goes a long way, it's so chocolatey.

It can be quite pricey, but it's often on offer in a lot of places so I try snap it up then. As well as normal chocolate they do a chocolate and coconut and a chocolate orange flavour. So, so good!

A reward for my fab food pics this week came on Tuesday when, out of the blue, Slimming World messaged me on Twitter to tell me I'd won one of the #FreeFoodFeb competitions.
I'm so excited for my package to arrive so I can see what I have won! The picture that won it was my homemade pizza using the Aldi wholemeal crusty bread mix as my HEB which I had the other weekend.

All in all, this week has been a good one. I am feeling better, I am looking better, and my confidence is back up to where it was. Tom even said to me one night this week he could tell I'd lost a lot of weight again, which is always nice to hear.

I have my first dress fitting this weekend which is super exciting! I can't wait to see how my dress fits me now, compared to when I tried it on at Christmas. It was a bit too tight around my hips then, but now I'm confident it'll fit me perfectly. Eeeek!

Food diary:

Breakfast - Three clementines
Dinner - Tuna mayo sandwich (2 syns for light mayo) on a wholemeal roll (HEB)
Tea - Pasta with chicken, tomatoes, peppers, onion and a side of spinach
Syns for the day - 2

Breakfast - Choco nut malt wheats from Tesco (HEB) with semi-skimmed milk (HEA)
Dinner - Thursday night's leftover chicken and veg pasta
Snacks - Two clementines and a pear
Tea - Poached salmon with rice, peppers and onions and a side salad
Drinks - Two 125ml glasses of red wine (13 syns)
Syns for the day - 13

Breakfast - Bacon, poached eggs, beans and spinach
Dinner - Homemade carrot and swede soup
Tea - SW nacho-style feast
Snack - Two rocky road Hi-Fi bars (HEB) with a vanilla Muller Light mixed with Cadbury Highlights sachet (2 syns) and a teaspoon of Choc Shot (0.5 syns) topped with raspberries, a crumbled Fibre One (4 syns) and a teaspoon of Choc Shot (0.5 syns).
Syns for the day - 7

Brunch - Chocolate oat pancakes (HEB and 1 syn) with strawberries, raspberries and fat free quark.
Tea - Pork meatloaf (approx 3.5 syns per serving) with carrots, broccoli and linguine
Snack - Toffee Muller Light with a caramel Fibre One (4 syns) and a salted caramel Hi-Fi bar (3 syns) and some strawberries.
Syns for the day - 11.5

Breakfast - Strawberry and raspberry baked oats (HEB) with fat free quark, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.
Dinner - Three clementines and a pear
Tea - Leftover meatloaf (approx 3.5 syns per serving) with carrots, broccoli, pasta and SW chips
Snack - Salted caramel Hi-Fi bar (3 syns) with a caramel Fibre One (4 syns)
Syns for the day - 10.5

Breakfast - Fat free Quark with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and red currants.
Dinner - Homemade carrot and swede soup
Snack - Two clementines and a pear
Snack - Proper corn sweet and salty popcorn 30g back (6.5 syns) and two salted caramel Hi-Fi bars (HEB)
Tea - Pizza Express Leggera American Hot with salad (22 syns)
Syns for the day - 28.5

Breakfast - Fat free Quark with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and red currants.
Snack - An apple
Dinner - Beans on toast
Snack - Two clementines and two pears
Weigh-in before tea.

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