What's it like going from one to two?

 After "how was your labour?" this is the question I get asked all the time!

In all honesty, I have found it so much easier than going from none to one.

When Peyton was born, every single thing was new to us. Feeding, sleep, winding, changing nappies, bath time, putting on a vest... We second guessed ourselves on every single thing. Was she getting enough milk? Is it normal for her to be sick like that? Has she got colic? Has she got reflux? 

Nobody tells you any of the things you really need to know when you have a baby. Nobody tells you about the fourth trimester, which is arguably the thing that all new parents need to know the most about!!

I read a post on Facebook the other day by a breastfeeding consultant, who said that the most common time new parents went to her for help was between three and eight weeks. She listed all the things that I remember finding/thinking/worrying about with Peyton.

I found those first couple of months with her so hard. I didn't know if anything I was doing was right. I didn't know if breastfeeding was going ok, questioning whether it was 'normal' for her to feed so frequently or only want to fall asleep on the boob.

When I read back on some of my blog posts from those first few months I feel a bit sad. Sad that all I really focused on was the things I was finding hard/struggling with, rather than all the amazing things we were experiencing, that she was teaching us, or that she was doing.

This time, it couldn't be more different.

I mean, Maddox is a completely different baby altogether. He is so chilled. But I am wondering if that is, mainly because, I am more chilled.

I know what I am doing, I've done this before. I'm not worrying about every little thing he does and I'm not questioning myself.

When I read that post on Facebook, I realised I didn't have any of those worries or thoughts this time around. I trusted myself and I trusted what we were doing.

Don't get me wrong, it's been difficult at times feeling I need to split myself in two. Thankfully Peyton has been amazing at understanding that Maddox needs me sometimes and she hasn't been jealous, which has made everything so much easier.

I still make sure we have time just me and her, and involve her in everything as much as possible so she feels like she's helping rather than left out.

Jumping from one to two was something I was worried about when pregnant, but I really needn't have been.

Maddox has slot right in, it feels like he has always been here. He's super chill and is so, so happy. This last week we've started getting loads of smiles; although Peyton always gets the best ones!

He's now six weeks old and I honestly can't believe where the time has gone. 

We're starting to get into a little bit of a routine now and I just can't wait to enjoy all the milestones that are still to come. The newborn baby bubble lasts such a short time, but I'm so glad I spent it this time around soaking it all in rather than doubting everything I was doing and worrying.

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