It's here again: V-Day.  The one day a year where foods full of saturated fat and soon-to-be-dead foliage are expected by women across the land.  But, for every loved up couple out there enjoying a candlelit dinner and a night with Marvin Gaye in the background, there's a single girl at home eating her body weight in chocolate and watching The Notebook.  It's sad, but true.

The country goes mad for Valentine's Day.  Supermarkets look like Cupid was sick all over an aisle; restaurants have been emailing since January advertising their romantic set menus; Champagne, steak, and boxes of chocolates bigger than me are all half price; and every other advert in between Corrie is for Moonpig, offering ridiculously large bouquets of roses and a free card for ONLY £35!!  This isn't the end of it, though.  Oh no.  The radio dedicates a day to 'your romantic requests to your loved one' and there's always someone proposing to their other half on This Morning; who thinks they are just there to talk about their ingrowing toenail problem.

I won't feel bitter come the 14th when my friends upload photos of the impressive bouquets of flowers they've received, or express to everyone how they're 'the luckiest girl in the world' or want to be sick at the grossly, over the top public displays of affection. I'll not sit in my onesie listening to Adele and Leona Lewis, making my way through a family-sized pack of Sensations and a box of Milk Tray, with my cat keep me company (although, to be fair, one of those is an activity most nights anyway).

The worst thing to do on Valentine's Day is dwell and be bitter...(HA)  Of course, if I were in a relationship I would be Team V-Day all the way, but I'm not.  So to me it is just one day out of the whole year where couples decide to demonstrate the magnitude of their love for one another, purely because everyone else is.  It's one of the cliche days to get engaged and one of the only days of the year which, pretty much, guarantees sex.  That is, unless your man completely forgets about it.  He then has to wait another month until the, alleged, male equivalent of Valentine's Day on 14th March: 'Steak and Blowjob Day'.  Despite it's growing popularity, I can't see that one catching on with Hallmark any time soon!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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