'The Gap' vs. A Chocolate Digestive

'The gap' - the latest 'must have' for women.  For those of you who do not know what this is, it's the inner-thigh gap (i.e when you stand with your legs hip distance apart).  However, many people now wish to be able to stand with their feet together & still have a space between their legs at the top.  Some girls go as far to say the bigger the gap, the more attractive the girl.

The chocolate digestive - a satisfying, chocolatey biscuit treat which is loved by millions around the world.

Celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Cara Delevingne  are now role models for many females who wish to achieve 'the gap'.  The internet is full of advice on how to achieve it.  One of these suggests hormonal fixes, toning your thighs, and healthy eating.  What many advice sites forget to mention, however, is the health risks attached to this.

The rise of 'the gap' equals the decline of the chocolate digestive.

What is more shocking is that women have nearly died trying to perfect 'the gap'.  Young girls see images of super models in magazines and aspire to look just like them.  They see airbrushed, photo-shopped images of women who are deemed by these magazines to look perfect.  Teenage girls are starving themselves, as a result, in order to achieve this look.

It is possible to achieve naturally and can look incredibly healthy.  However, many are so obsessed with this new craze that they don't want to exercise in order to achieve it in the correct and healthy way, as this would take too long.

Whose figure would you rather have? Alexa Chung's and her thigh gap?  Or Beyonce's incredible curves?

I, personally, would take Beyonce's figure over Alexa's any day of the week.

Many women believe that men find a thigh gap attractive.  I spoke to a handful of men and most didn't even know what it was, and the rest said they would rather have a curvaceous, healthy figure.

The thigh gap is yet another craze which puts pressure on women.

Yes, thigh gaps can be achieved healthily and naturally.  Unfortunately, it's the painfully thin celebrities like Alexa who are teenage girls' role models when it comes to  'the gap'; and these women have probably never seen a chocolate digestive.

The obsession with it is ridiculous and dangerous.  A recent advert by Target highlighted how unnatural thigh gaps are in the majority of models.  In the image, the model's vagina had partly disappeared - someone obviously got a bit carried away with Photoshop!

To the people who obsess about achieving a thigh gap, I would say this: I really wouldn't bother trying so hard.  If you have a thigh gap' and drop your chocolate digestive while sitting down it will just fall straight to the floor.  If, like me, when you sit down your thighs close quicker than a door in the wind you will catch the chocolate digestive and feel a sense of triumph over all of those who lost theirs.

I would choose a chocolate digestive over 'the gap' every single time.

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