'Cheers' to drunk texting!

No doubt the majority of people reading this will have been there: you have just poured yourself another drink, where the spirit heavily outweighs the mixer, and out comes the phone.  You find yourself squinting at the screen attempting to send a text which you, no doubt, will regret in the morning.  However, under the influence of Captain Smirnoff, everything seems like a good idea.

Whether you are drunkenly texting your best friend declaring your love for them, or emphatically trying to get in contact with everyone in your phone, we have all done it. 

Under the influence of alcohol, everything seems like a good idea.  ‘Cna i coome bcak toyousr?vvv’ (Translation: Can I come back to yours????) is possibly the best/worst, and most common, drunken text.

Texts like this are never looked at in a very good light.  The desperation that oozes out of such texts sometimes is beyond humiliating.

That aside, I think that drunk texts are actually shown in an unnecessarily bad light.  I saw a quote a few weeks ago which summed it up nicely:

 ‘I don’t understand people who think drunk texts are annoying.  I think drunk texts are so cute. Just think of it this way: you’re who that person is thinking of when their brain isn’t functioning properly; you’re who that person is thinking of when they can’t even form coherent sentences; and you’re on that person’s mind when they have the motor skills of an infant.  That’s all pretty awesome to me!’

Of course, drunk texts are annoying for the recipient: tucked up in bed, fast asleep at 3am only to be rudely awoken & bombarded with messages/phone calls by a boozy individual begging for a conversation. But I would prefer to look at it the way the person above has.

This is probably because I am guilty of sending many a drunken text in my time.  I have lost count of the number of mornings I have woken up red-faced after checking my sent messages from the night before and discovered what my alcohol-infused alter-ego is capable of after a few too many jagers.

And just when I thought there was nothing worse than the shame of drunk texting along comes snapchat.  With that you have no evidence of what you sent - just a list of recipients who have been lucky enough to be inundated with your snaps from throughout the evening.

After the feeling of invincibility wears off, none of the above ever seems like a good idea and you swear you will never do it again.  Until the next time you climb aboard the vodka vessel, that is.  

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