'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'

Quinn Woodward Pu is 25 years-old and has made headlines this week after the extent to which she went to seek revenge on a man who dumped her via text.  This included contacting the man’s workplace and complaining that he bombarded her with ‘inappropriate’ messages using his work phone.  She also went on to forward these messages to the man’s boss.  She boasted about her childish acts of revenge in her blog, Little Black Blog, and has come in for a lot of criticism as a result.

What must be made clear, though, is that this woman was not in a relationship with this man.  They had only been on two dates.  TWO.  Following date number two the man in question, clearly realising that she was one to steer clear of, text Miss Woodward Pu and told her that he was ‘really not looking for a relationship’.  He apologised for ‘being a downer before your birthday’ and wished her luck in the future.

Unfortunately, Miss Woodward Pu did not recognise the fact that the man in question had been totally honest with her; albeit in quite a cowardly way.  He could have told her face-to-face instead of taking the easy way out and texting, but he told her nonetheless.  He didn’t continue to go on dates with her, lead her on, and reap the benefits from the situation.

Obviously Miss Woodward Pu is not accustomed to such acts of honesty as she exclaimed ‘I had no words – this never happens’.  In reaction to this, Miss Woodward Pu began her childish revenge by taking screenshots of the intimate texts that the two had sent to one another and passed them on to his bosses.

Of course, Miss Woodward Pu claims to be a feminist – doing it for ‘you, and your girlfriends, moms, grandmothers, daughters, etc.’  She claims that women should ‘never remain silent in the bombastic, outrageously chauvinistic face of an insecure man.’ 

Miss Woodward Pu is certainly not doing much for the case of the independent women.  She is completely undermining the case that she is, allegedly, fighting for by exposing herself as a weak, self-absorbed woman with terrible coping mechanisms.  In addition to this, she allowed herself to become embroiled in a ‘sexting relationship’ with a man whom she only went on two dates with?  That’s hardly the best advert for feminism I’ve seen.

As the saying goes ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’.  Women have been known to conduct some rather extravagant revenge tactics following betrayal, but this is something else.  As my favourite tv heroine Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke has demonstrated in the hit US show 'Revenge', women will go to any extremes in order to carry out an act of revenge. But I would hardly count what has happened to Miss Woodward Pu as ‘betrayal’ and she most certainly has not had her heart broken.  That is, unless she fell madly in love with this man at first sight and knew he was ‘the one’ after just two dates.  But, even so, the two had no commitments to each other and were not in any sort of relationship.

This woman is a far cry from the next Carrie Bradshaw.  Her actions make her look incredibly vain and immature.  No woman is going to view her as a ‘hero’ for the way that she ‘stood up’ to this man.  She has made herself look like a fool while risking the career of a man who was stupid enough to date her. 

I just hope that the man’s bosses don’t punish him too severely and simply congratulate him on the lucky escape from this nutcase.  Not only has she infuriated many females but she has done a superb job of making sure that no man ever goes near her again.

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