45 thoughts had by girls while getting ready for a night out

When getting ready for a night out, every girl has a routine which she follows while getting ready.  It's the same every time - the same questions, the same dramas and the same thoughts.

1. Is this going to be a heels night out or not?

2. What time will I need to start getting ready if I have to wash my hair?

3. Is this going to be a night worthy of shaving my legs for?

4. Why can I never find any kirby grips?

5. I think I'm going to wear my new heels.

6. Oh, but they're peep toe, that means I need to paint my toe nails.

7. I want to wear my cream skorts but that means I will need to fake tan.

8. Do I have time to fake tan?

9. Am I going to need to undergo a course of hair removal before tonight?

10. I don't want to pull, so I'm not going to shave.

11. What time shall we start pre-drinking?

12. I better not drink too much before I have done my eye make-up.

13. I don't know what to wear.

14. I'm just going to straighten my hair.

15. I am getting really good at this tanning my back/flexibility thing.

16. My hair looks flat, I wonder if I've got any dry shampoo.

17. Why can't I do smoky eyes without looking like I've been punched?

18. I'll try back-combing my hair.

19. Did I have pictures taken last time I wore this or can I wear it again?

20. Shall I wear the skorts or trousers?

21. If I wear the skorts, I can't wear my new top.

22. If I wear the trousers I'll have to wear the strappy heels that hurt my feet.

23. Mabye I'll just wear a dress.

24. I wonder what I can eat when I get home.

25. I'm just going to have to put my hair up.

26. Why does my forehead look so big?

27. Have I drawn my eyebrows on evenly?

28. I need more wine.

29. I still don't know what I am wearing.

30. I'll just take a selfie 'so I can see what my make-up looks like'

31. I look great *uploads to Instagram and Facebook*

32. #selfie #drunk #girl #fridaynight #woo #goingout #blonde #brunette #babe #happy #redlips #smokyeyes #party #brows #me #love #excited

33. I hope I've used enough hashtags.

34. The taxi is coming in two hours - I'm not dressed or drunk.

35. I'm not going to drunk text anyone tonight.

36. I don't like how I've done my hair.

37. I'm just going to wear the skorts.

38. Do I look like I've got man legs?

39. Maybe I should wear the trousers.

40. Screw it, I'm wearing a playsuit.

41. I best not break the seal before I put it on.

42. I need more wine.

43. Taxi will be here in ten minutes, have I got my lippy in my bag?

44. Shit, haven't got my keys or my ID.

45. I'm finally ready, let's go!

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