17 things you learn about yourself when you move out

After living in my own home for just over ten days, I have already learnt a lot of things about myself/my partner/being a homeowner.  If you are considering buying your own home soon, this list should help you prepare for what is in store.  And, if you have already moved out into your own place, I'm sure you will be able to relate to many of the points.

1. You find you're starting to turn into your mum.
      'Well if you don't like it, do it yourself next time'; 
       'I did a wash yesterday, why wasn't it in the wash basket?'; 
       'I didn't buy those chocolates just for you!'

2. You would rather put another jumper switch on the heating.
     'It'll be on in an hour, just stick another layer on.'

3. You obsess over lights and plugs being switched off when not in use.
      'Oh it's like Blackpool illuminations in here!'; 
      'You won't be leaving all that on when you see the electricity bill!'

4. You will quickly develop OCD.
      'You're squashing the cushions, could you just sit up for a minute so I can rearrange them'; 
      'Who moved the candles, they're in a different order?'; 
      'Please use a coaster.'

5. You realise you'll never be able to afford to do anything again.
     'Oh yes, hello pay day! Oh, hello mortgage payment, council tax, electricity, water, gas, Sky, internet, food shopping...'

6. Your plans for the week are now centred around who is putting the bins out and how the housework is being split (because you can't afford to do anything else).
     'Well I did the bathrooms and the dusting this week so can you do them this week and I'll do the hoovering?'

7. Your shopping habits will change dramatically.
     'Shall we go to Aldi, Morrisons or Tesco this week?'; 
     'We need to go to Homebase'; 
      'Have you seen them new pans in John Lewis?'

8. You will realise you should've paid more attention in design and technology at school.
     'Dad, can you come and hang this on the wall?'; 
     'Dad, will you come and put our new furniture together?';
     'How do I check if this works?'

9. The thought of having a dinner party excites you.
     'Let's not go out on Saturday night, come round to ours and we'll have a dinner party and drinks.'

10. You quickly learn how to make a culinary masterpiece out of leftovers.
     'Yeah, it's just some bits I threw together out of the fridge.'

11. 'Use by' dates are rarely adhered to.
     'It went out of date three days ago but smells fine so I think we'll be ok.'

12. You will never really learn how much pasta or rice is enough.
     'We'll have to take this for lunch tomorrow because I made too much.'

13. You realise why your parents got so annoyed at you not loading and unloading the dishwasher.
     'Yes, the machine washes the dishes itself but it can't open the door and load it on its own and put the clean dishes away as well.'

14. 'Shed envy' becomes a thing.
     'Where did he get his shed from?  I wanted one like that!'

15. You will suddenly find yourself analysing other people's houses and their choices of decor.
     'Ooh, I like your lamp where's that from?';
     'Oh, their kitchen was awful!  It had all these gaps and the worktops weren't as nice as ours.'

16. Some things will never have a proper home.
     'Oh just put it wherever there is a space.'

17. You sometimes sit and look around and wonder 'wow, all this is really ours and in our own home'
     And, I imagine, that will never get old.

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