Something incredible happened last weekend...

Family and friends will already know this but, during our weekend break in Riga, Latvia, last weekend, Tom asked me to marry him!!!

I always thought I would sense it coming but I literally had no clue.  For those I haven't managed to speak to about it yet, and those who are just like me and generally nosey, here's how it all came about...

I'd been planning a surprise weekend break for Tom's birthday since December.  I decided on Riga because it looked beautiful and I knew neither of us had ever been before.  I was keeping it as a total surprise, letting him think that we were going somewhere in this country because, at least if he did find out we were going abroad, he would never have guessed Riga.

As the weekend got closer, he started asking more and more questions about where we were going.  As our flight was leaving at 7am, we would have had to have left home at 3.30am to get to the airport in time.  I knew this early time would make him suspect abroad so, to throw him off the scent, I told him we were going in a hot air balloon.

Our flight was from East Midlands so I told him the hot air balloon would take off from Donnington Park (just next to the airport).  Then, when we were heading that way he wouldn't get suspicious.

When the morning came we set off to the airport and were merrily on our way when Tom started asking loads of questions about the hot air balloon ride... 'Will there be other people in it too or just me and you?' - 'Ermmm, I dunno, we'll find out when we get there!'

As we pulled into the airport the penny dropped and he realised he wasn't getting the hot air balloon ride that he had been so excited about (I felt really guilty, but even more so later on!)  I parked the car and gave him an envelope and some photos to let him know where we were going.

He was acting a bit shifty and was lost for words for a lot of the time in the airport and the flight, but I just put that down to tiredness and the excitement of where we were going.

Once we arrived in Riga we took our cases to our hotel and freshened up and set out to explore the beautiful, snowy city.  There was a park just near our hotel which looked just like Central Park (not that I've ever been but from pictures it looked very similar).

As we were walking through the snowy park Tom stopped and I kept walking, at which point he said 'you know, you scuppered my plans for this weekend."  I thought he was going to tell me he had planned to take me away somewhere for Valentine's Day and this had spoilt that, but as I turned around I saw he was down on one knee!

I thought he was just taking the mickey at first so told him to get up (with a couple of expletives and giggles thrown in), then I saw he had a box and a ring!! I can't tell you much about what he said to me at the time because I was just talking over him, but what I did hear was beautiful and I said yes straight away.

This made our weekend away even more wonderful and we strolled around the snowy streets of the beautiful city utilising Riga's many bars to celebrate.

Me trying to throw Tom off the scent had given him the perfect setting to propose to me.  He had planned to do it in the hot air balloon as we went over Leicester (where I went to uni).  When he realised we weren't going in the hot air balloon he was so worried about when to do it and had to do it at the soonest possible opportunity.  Then I felt really guilty!!

He's not the best at keeping secrets, I make light of that often, so I was so shocked when I realised he'd kept this a secret.  He'd bought the ring the day before we went away (another funny story!) and had kept it hidden in the spare bedroom with our cases until we left.

I wondered why he kept going in the spare room the night before we were leaving and, trying hard to keep my secret, thought he was snooping through my things looking for tickets and clues.  But. he was actually going in to make sure I hadn't moved his coat with the ring in.  So the more I went in, to check my secret was safe, the more he went in too.  It was a vicious circle really!

I've always imagined what it would be like when someone asked me to marry them.  There was a time when I never imagined anyone ever wanting to marry me but, since I've been with Tom, I've been so excited for the day he would ask.

We have only officially been together for, what some would say, a short time but because we have known each other for so many years and spend so much time together, it feels like it has been forever.  I've known for a long time that I want to spend the rest of my life with Tom.  Some might say that we've moved fast but to us it feels like it's been forever.  Besides, it's true what they say: when you know, you know.  And we both know.

We're a team - at work and at home - and whatever is thrown at us we overcome it together.  We work well together, we agree on most things but still have our own views (which means we get into some nice debates some times), we complement each other's strengths and weaknesses, and we always look out for each other.

Despite him being one of the clumsiest people I've ever met, I would trust him with my life.  He's kind, honest, loving, charming, funny, spontaneous, cheeky, and the only person who has ever made me feel really, truly special.  He's a proper gentleman, he keeps me on my toes, he looks after me, he always knows how to cheer me up when I'm stressed, and he even sits and watches the soaps with me without complaining.

He has seen me at my absolute worst - being a complete hormonal cow, stressed to the point of turning grey, tired and sleep deprived, and moody because he didn't unload the dishwasher - and he still wants to marry me!

This is all getting a bit soppy now, I do apologise!

We've both had the most amazing weekend and are still coming back dow to earth now.  We would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has congratulated us so far - we've had some really lovely messages from our families and friends and we are both so happy that you are all has happy and excited as we are.

We can't wait to celebrate with our loved ones in the coming months and we look forward to planning our big day together now.  Finally, I can utilise my ever-growing 'Weddings' board on Pinterest!

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