Girls, whatever you do, don't #CutForZayn

Poor Zayn Malik - not only has he made the difficult decision to walk away from the biggest, most successful boyband in the world right now; not only is his relationship with Little Mix's Perrie on the line because he was pictured with another girl and the media blew it all out of proportion; and not only is he being hounded from every angle by people wanting to know 'why'; but he is having to see thousands and thousands of young girls cutting themselves in a bid to attract his attention.

The poor guy was always the most reluctant one to be in the band. I remember watching them being formed on X Factor and he didn't want to dance, he didn't want to stand at the front...  Obviously the pressures of worldwide fame and the constant intrusion into his private life got too much for him.

Hashtags such as #CutForZayn are probably the exact reason the 22-year-old wanted to leave the limelight and live a 'normal life' - he doesn't want the pressure of thousands of teenage girls attempting suicide because he walked out of a boyband.  He doesn't want to see these people who are supposed to be fans cutting their wrists because he made the decision to do something that is right for him.

Twitter is a dangerous place for young girls - they get caught up in the whirlwind of things like this and get stuck in situations that are far beyond their years.

Thankfully there was no Twitter of Facebook when Robbie left Take That and when Geri left the Spice Girls - back in those days girls just lined the streets and cried, or sat in their bedrooms listening to the songs on tape and watching old re-runs of Top of The Pops with a box of Kleenex.

'Beliebers', 'Directioners', 'Lovatics' and all the other groups of 'fans' that are out there are sometimes the furthest away from fans you could get.  Those that can't support the decision of someone they're supposed to idolise are not true fans.

To send death threats to one of the member's girlfriends or partners and to hound them on Twitter is not something a fan would do.  To cut yourself because Justin Bieber smoked weed or because Zayn Malik realised he didn't want to be a part of this crazy bubble filled with over the top, crazy young girls is not normal.

Young girls need to remember that their words and actions have consequences, not only for themselves but for those also involved in the situation.  The internet is a dangerous place, no more so than when things like this happen and youngsters get caught up in situations which advocate cutting their wrists just because they see other people doing it.

Without sounding really old, back in my day young girls would be more bothered about reading Sabrina's Secrets or playing outside with friends, rather than sitting in a virtual world tweeting celebrities in a desperate attempt to encourage them to stick at something they clearly no longer want to do.

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