19 'boring' thoughts homeowners have when it's sunny

Sunshine has the power to overturn even the most downcast and miserable mood.  Everyone instantly feels happier and carefree and excited for summer.  Alcohol sales soar along with ice-cream and instant barbecues.

Previously, when the sun shone I could think of nothing more exciting than going and sitting in a beer garden or on a picnic with lots of Pimms.  Trips to the seaside, laying in the garden trying to catch some colour, and having barbecues all the time were all firm favourites of mine as soon as it got sunny.

We haven't had that much sun in 2015, but what we have had so far has not led to any of the above thoughts or activities being carried out.  Instead, I've actively gone to garden centres and spent the day doing green-fingered activities.  Previously, a garden centre would've literally been the last place on earth I'd want to spend a sunny day.

It's amazing how your thought process changes when you have a house.  These were 19 of my thoughts during the nice weather we have had so far in 2015:

1. We can cut the grass today since it's nice.

2. Let's go to Homebase and get a shed and some more bits for the garden.

3. I wonder if it's going to stay fine long enough to get the washing dry outside?

4. I took the car to be washed yesterday, I'm glad it's not raining so it'll stay shiny longer.

5. We might not need the heating on today if it's warm.

6. Are any of the neighbours having a barbecue we could crash?

7. Let's get some fruit ciders and Desperado's in the fridge.

8. And buy all the ice lollies ready for when we fancy one.

9. It's too nice to have a casserole for tea, let's have tuna steaks and rice.

10. I'll probably eat salad and cous cous next week if it's still sunny.

11. We need to buy some Pimms.

12. I need to shave my legs.

13. We really need to get the windows cleaned.

14. I need to get a wriggle on and get rid of the winter weight if I want to fit into that cute summer skirt I bought last year.

15. Why does having the windows open make the house so dusty?!

16. Let's dig up that small patch of grass next to the drive and do something with it that won't matter when I drive over it.

17. We need to go to Homebase.

18. I used to want to sit in a beer garden when it was sunny, what happened?!

19. I'm sat in our garden with a beer - does that count?

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