31 things that University of Leicester graduates will remember

If you've been to university, you automatically think your uni is the best.  But, unfortunately, unless you went to the University of Leicester, you're wrong.  (I joke!)  But if you did go to University of Leicester, here's a little trip down memory lane to remind you why we all love it so much.

1. Riding the paternoster.

2. The safety bus not quite living up to its name.


4. Avoiding Victoria Park like the plague after dark.

5. And instantly regretting your decision to use it as a short cut to the union after your bar crawl.

6. £1 everything at Liquid on a Monday (RIP I Love Mondays)

7. Getting lost in Republic and discovering a new room every time you went.

8. DMWho?

9. Being blessed with three Nando's all within walking distance.

10. The car park at halls turning into a trolley park for all the abandoned, stolen trollies from Asda.

11. The bus from Oadby to uni was troublesome enough but Ratcliffe Road with a hangover? Disaster loomed.

12. Having your things 'virtually stolen' from the library when you went for a wee.

13. Maryland chicken seeming like the best idea ever when you've had a few drinks.

14. Turkey Cafe's flavoured vodkas were essential to every bar crawl/night out in the city.

15. The devastation when the Scholar closed and you could no longer sit in there all day eating nachos and drinking wine.

16. Having to dodge the concrete square between the library, the Attenborough building and the union during student election times to avoid being bombarded with leaflets.

17. Mosh on a Tuesday - because it was too long to wait from a Liquid/Republic Monday until Red Leicester on Wednesday.

18. Always dropping in the fact that we were one of the first universities in the UK to have our very own Quidditch team. Proud.

19. Having to get to the library in March so you have a seat ready for your summer exam revision.

20. Eating a Bombay Bites when you had places to go the next day at your own peril.

21. Richard III.

22. Never understanding why the library toilets had won awards when there was never any toilet paper.

23. Starting every day in uni with a trip to Starbucks.

24. Discovering that the library café sold a selection of wines, ciders and beers and never getting any work done again.

25. Having to do an exam in the Covenant Life Church during summer and coming out like a pork scratching.

26. The library's Quiet Patrol being on the biggest power trip as they march around confiscating water bottles.

27. Going to any event where DMU students will be and immediately chanting 'LESTAHH! LESTAHH! LESTAHH'

28. Staying at the Summer Ball until 6am determined to make the survivors photo.

29. The Dry Dock, The Loaded Dog & Varsity being the go-to post-exam pubs.

30. The post-varsity night out always being a jubilant one as we celebrated our thumping of DMU.

31. Holding back the tears as you drive out of Leicester at the end of your time at UoL.

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