Don't be scared of getting pregnant if you're doing a Bootea teatox

There's been a lot of reports flying around social media this week about the risks of Bootea and other similar products which act as a 'teatox' and a spike in unplanned pregnancies.

In a nutshell, the reports claimed that many women had fallen pregnant, unexpectedly, after doing the Bootea teatox.  They were taking the contraceptive pill throughout their teatox and didn't know that it would prevent the tea from working.

This is not the fault of Bootea, or any of the other teatoxing brands.

Many years ago when I first went to the doctors and was put on the pill, the doctor told me that if I took my pill and then was sick or had an upset tummy in the hours after taking it, it would not be absorbed.

Therefore, when I started doing the Bootea teatox, I made sure that I took my pill at a time when I knew it would have chance of being absorbed.

Blaming Bootea for unplanned/unexpected pregnancies is like blaming a hangover or food poisoning, because the same principles apply.  If you take your pill, then two hours later are sick - it won't have been absorbed and you will be unprotected.

Bootea state clearly on their website the 'risks' of doing the teatox while on the contraceptive pill.  Many of the articles I read were asking for the warnings to be put on the packet, but if people are going to buy a product such as this without doing some research first, then who's to say they'll read the warning booklet enclosed?

My advice to anyone considering Bootea?  Read all the FAQs on their website beforehand and, if you're still in doubt, drop them an email.

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