The weird wedding dreams have begun

They've started - the wedding dreams have started.

If my dream last night set the tone for the rest leading up to the big day then I will be a worried mess. It was SO weird!

Here's how it went...

Tom and I arrived at this big, grand church together and were met by the vicar. Nobody else was there because apparently they'd all gone out to buy us a loaf of bread and biscuits for us to 'break' as part of the ceremony. We sat down to wait and, with that, loads of tourists came bundling in and started having a picnic in the church.

They then started setting up market stalls and selling things so the vicar took us until a church hall in the back which was at the bottom of a big, old, rickety staircase. It was all dusty and had cobwebs everywhere but our parents were there waving bread at us.

They told us we couldn't break the bread until a certain point in the ceremony where we'd be under this cloth. Suddenly, the hall was all decorated and some random woman was throwing paper hearts everywhere. Everyone arrived, including some really random people that neither of us have seen or spoken to in years.

As I was about to walk down the aisle, I looked down to my feet and noticed that I had odd shoes on. One was pink with a strap around my ankle and the other was a red court shoe. Then I noticed a tray of biscuits - digestives, rich tea, animal biscuits and bourbons - so I picked up a handful to eat as I walked down the aisle.

Then I woke up.  Weird, ey?!

I'm sure the significance of the bread and the biscuits just means I'm a little piggy, but the odd shoes? It was so strange.

I woke up thinking 'must make sure I wear matching shoes on my wedding day' like it was a really obvious mistake I must avoid. I really would hope that I'm not scatty enough to not realise that my shoes didn't match.

I'm just waiting for the dream where I walk down the aisle naked and wake up thinking 'must remember to put my wedding dress on!'

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