I've put on more weight this week than over Christmas but I've loved every second!

I wrote this week's food diary out before I went and got weighed and here is what went through my head: "Honest to God, if I have not put on at least half of the weight I lost last week I will be amazed."

I was close - 2.5lbs on this week. And it's ok.

This week has been quite difficult what with Tom's birthday and all the meals out/alcohol that has been consumed.  I was prepared for it, though, and knew I was going to face some challenging days.  And do you know what?  I enjoyed every mouthful and sip.

I knew before I wrote out this week's food diary that it had been a bad week syns wise, at one point I even said to myself I had eaten/drank more than I had over Christmas!  And I've put on more weight than I did over Christmas, so it's all deserved. But looking at it all in black and white, with all the syns right in front of me, I can't believe it!  Naughty Nat.

Do you know what, though? I didn't feel like I'd put on weight this week. I knew I had, because of the food I've eaten. But I've felt slimmer. My legs, for example, seem the slimmest they've been in years.

I've considered moving my target weight this last week. At the moment, I am one stone away from target. At the minute, I can't imagine losing another stone. I don't want to lose too much weight. I already feel a million times better than I did 11 weeks ago when I started. I fit in clothes I haven't fit in for years/haven't ever fit in, my fitness levels are up and I am soooo much happier in myself. I'll keep at it for now, though, and assess my target as each week goes by.

Anyway, back to the week in hand...

I did try to food optimise as best as I could with my meals, choosing salmon and veg rather than a burger; or having a salad rather than half of TGI's menu, but it was the cake and alcohol I think that let me down.  I just couldn't not have any.  It's been so long since I've eaten cake and dessert that I thought I might as well make the most of it while it was all there to choose from.  Other weeks, when I only have one or two meals out, I might not have any as to not de-rail my week.  But this week, I knew I'd fallen headfirst off the rails by approximately 2pm on Thursday (day one!)

It makes my weight loss progress look like this:

It's up and down.  But, as I've said before, Slimming World is not a diet.  If it was a diet, I'd have given up weeks ago and seen it as a failure.  I'd have probably tried the next 'quick fix' on the market and found that had great short-term results, then been back to square one a month or so later.

Slimming World is a lifestyle change and in no way ever says you can't enjoy life.  There are going to be weeks like the one I have just had where food and drink is at every turn and you just can't say no.  But in between the temptation you can stick at plan and, once it's all behind you, it's easy to get back on it and shift any temporary gains - because that's all they are.  Temporary.

This last week I was in a bikini for the first time since August and I felt amazing. I felt confident, I felt a little bit sexy and I felt happy. I didn't feel self conscious and I didn't feel fat. RESULT. I don't give a shit that I put weight on because nothing can tarnish hat amazing feeling.

I had hoped for a maintain this week but, looking back, that was way too optimistic!  There was no way I was going to undo all that damage in the few days I had until weigh day.

I'm not disappointed, though, because I know where it's come from.  It's not like the other week when I was cross because I only lost a pound.  That week I'd tried really hard and had expected more.  This week, I was surprised that I hadn't put back on most of that amazing 6lb that I lost last week.

I'm already looking to next week and a good loss.  I'd drawn a line under my naughty days and was looking to next week already. I've planned out our meals and have some new things to try, including sticky five spice gammon which I'm hoping is just as amazing as it sounds!

See you next week! :) x

Week 11 food diary (syns all estimates and probably 10x worse)

Day One:

Breakfast: Two oranges and an apple
Dinner: Fish finger (6 syns) sandwich in a white roll (8 syns) with a big salad, followed by a slab of sponge cake (20 syns)
Tea: Salmon with noodles, roasted veg and a big side salad followed by sticky toffee pudding (20 syns)
Drink: 4-5 glasses of prosecco (18 syns)
Syns for the day: 72

Day Two:

Breakfast: Beans and two apples
Dinner: Homemade SW roasted tomato and basil soup followed by half a slice of chocolate brownie cake (18 syns)
Tea: TGI Friday's chicken strips (8 syns) followed by a chicken salad full of speeds
Drink: Skinny Margarita (4 syns)
Syns for the day: 30

Day Three:

Breakfast: Two oranges and an apple
Dinner: Chicken skewer with salad; speed vegetable filled pie with broccoli, carrots, peas and sweet potato wedges (8 syns); chocolate mousse cake (12 syns)
Drink: Three glasses of prosecco (13.5 syns)
Tea: None
Syns for the day: 33.5

Day Four:

Breakfast: One apple
Dinner: Carvery - pork and turkey with swede mash, Yorkshire pudding (5 syns), roast potatoes (4 syns), carrots and cauliflower (5 syns for gravy)
Tea: Homemade SW roasted tomato and basil soup
Snack: Two pears and an orange
Snack: A small slither of chocolate fudge cake (13-ish syns)
Syns for the day: 27

Day Five:

Breakfast: Apple
Dinner: Homemade SW roasted tomato and basil soup
Snack: An orange and a pear
Tea: Chilli chicken with carrot and parsnip 'chips' and a pile of spinach
Snack: Slither of chocolate fudge cake (13-ish syns)
Syns for the day: 13

Day Six:

Breakfast: Bacon, beans, poached eggs and a stack of spinach
Snack: Melon
Dinner: Cous cous (1 syn) and tuna mixed together with tomato puree and a load of spinach and lettuce
Snack: Apple and pear
Tea: Swede-topped and speed filled SW cottage pie with green beans, carrots and broccoli
Syns for the day: 1

Day Seven: (weigh day)

Breakfast: Baked beans on a pile of spinach
Snack: Melon and orange
Dinner:  Cous cous and tuna mixed together with tomato puree, red peppers, tomato and spinach
Snack: Pear and apple
Tea: Garlic and chilli prawns with rice
Syns for the day: 0

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