This week has been super duper - I've eaten nice things whilst having a stonking weight loss

After last week's gain of 2.5lbs I was hoping to lose 3lbs this week. But I didn't. I didn't lose 3lbs.

I didn't lose 4lbs. I didn't even lose 5lbs.

I lost 5.5lbs.


I can't believe it, I really can't. I've had a nice week, a meal out and a few days with some treats, so I can't believe I've lost so much. I'm really, really happy. And now just 2lbs away from getting my 2 stone award AND being in a new number. A number I haven't seen for absolute years.

I can't write a lot this week (I say that now, I'll probably end up rambling) because I haven't done anything special. I haven't done loads of exercise, I haven't eaten leaves and rabbit food for 7 days, and I haven't starved myself of anything. I've enjoyed things in moderation and lived my life.

We went to mum and dad's for tea on Saturday night and she did chicken and chorizo pie. I only had a teeny square of shortcrust pastry and picked at the chorizo but ate all the chicken and piled my plate with speeds. Then, I turned down one of mum's amazing homemade puddings and ate a biiiig fruit salad. Cracking.

I am slightly worried now, though, that I'm a 'yo-yo-er'.

I've been up, then down, then up, now back down. And my last two losses have been big, which worries me a bit. 

But I've just got to keep going with what I'm doing, because it's obviously working. I'm going to have weeks where I 'only' lose 1lb and then I'll do exactly the same the next week and lose 4 or 5. 

I'll have gains, too, because I don't want to live life without cake. Imagine never having cake ever again!! That would be like actual hell. 

This week I want to lose 2lbs and get that 2 stone award and into my new number. I want to do it, so bad. 

This week will be a bit tricky as we're at the darts tomorrow night and have friends here this weekend so will eat a bit more extravagantly than usual. But I'm already prepared and am doing my baked oats for 'pudding' on Friday instead of one of mum's puddings. Even if I do indulge a bit, it's one meal out of 21. 

Hopefully next week I'll be buzzing with my 2 stone award. TWO FRIGGIN STONE!!!

I would never have believed that, 13 weeks ago when I joined, I would be almost 2 stone lighter. 

I'll get them 2lbs shifted this week and (hopefully) revel in the moment next week!

See you then x

Week 12 food diary:

Day One:

Breakfast: Two rashers of lean bacon, half a tin of baked beans and two poached eggs on a bed on spinach.
Snack: Iced fairy cake (5 syns)
Dinner: Homemade carrot and swede soup
Tea: Bruschetta from Frankie & Benny's (18ish syns) followed by Spaghetti pomodoro from Frankie and Benny's (10ish syns)
Syns for the day: 33

Day Two:

Breakfast: Melon
Snack: Pear
Dinner: Homemade carrot and swede soup
Snack: Pear and orange
Tea: Jerk chicken and vegetable skewers with courgetti and new potatoes
Snack: Syn free sweet pancakes with fat free natural yoghurt and berries
Drink: Two glasses of prosecco (4.5 syns each)
Syns for the day: 9

Day Three:

Breakfast: SW American-style pancakes (HEB) with fat free natural yogurt and strawberries 
Dinner: SW double onion and thyme frittata (HEA) with butternut squash spaghetti
Tea: Chicken pie with peas, sweet corn, carrots, broccoli, green beans & new potatoes (only had a teeny square of shortcrust pastry, no idea on the syns)
Snack: Fruit salad - Apple, orange, kiwi, grapes, blueberries and strawberries 
Syns for the day: 0

Day Four:

Breakfast: SW baked oats (HEB) with raspberries (1/2 syn for 50g cooked raspberries) and a pile of fresh strawberries
Dinner: Leftover SW double onion and thyme frittata (HEA) with spinach, lettuce and peppers
Tea: Sticky five spice gammon (1 syn) with stir fry vegetables (carrot, peppers, cabbage and bean sprouts) with some noodles
Snack: 1 rocky road Hi-Fi bar (3 syns)
Syns for the day: 4.5

Day Five:

Breakfast: Bacon and egg sandwich - lean bacon and fried egg fried in fry light between two slices of wholemeal bread (HEB)
Snack: Strawberries and kiwi
Dinner: SW roasted tomato and basil soup
Snack: Walkers French fries (4 syns)
Snack: Apple and a pear
Tea: Baked cod with homemade chips and salad
Snack: Two pears
Syns for the day: 4

Day Six:

Breakfast: Three poached eggs on two slices of wholemeal toast (HEB) with a pile of spinach
Dinner: SW roasted tomato and basil soup
Snack: Two apples and a pear
Tea: SW Caribbean pepperpot stew served with cauliflower rice and broccoli
Snack: 52g tube of Munchies (12.5 syns)
Syns for the day: 12.5

Day Seven:

Breakfast: Apple, pear and orange
Dinner: Leftover Caribbean pepperpot stew
Snack: Walkers French fries (4 syns)
Snack: Apple and pear
Tea: SW roasted tomato and basil soup
Syns for the day: 4

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