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I have absolutely no idea how I managed it, but since I last went to Slimming World I've lost one and a half pounds.

It's been two weeks since I was weighed at group - since then Easter happened - and I've miraculously managed a weight loss.

I said in my post earlier this week that I'd struggled since getting to target.  My first week I ate loads of non-Slimming World things and gained a pound.

Then it was Easter - I ate what felt like a lot of chocolate and drank a fair bit of alcohol.  I also had an Indian and a McDonald's on two consecutive days.  That's what drinking does for ya.

I was determined this last week to pull it back a bit and, whilst only managing it for half the week, it obviously paid off.

I said in my post earlier this week that I'd been beating myself up and been really hard on myself about my chocolate "binges" which were actually not worthy of being described that at all.  I think what it is is that I have barely eaten chocolate since starting SW and, when I have, it's been measured portions to keep in my syns.  So not working out the syn value and not keeping track of it as closely has maybe made me feel a bit less in control and a bit more binge-like.

As I said, though, eating one half of a large Cadbury egg in a whole day is really not a binge.  I'd have eaten three whole large eggs in one day last Easter and still gone back for more!

The best thing is, I am not ever so slightly in the bottom half of my target.  I've got rid of that one pound gain from my first week at target and am half a pound under my target range.  That means that even if I dramatically go off the rails this week, I can still put three and a half pounds on before I leave my target range.

And I honestly can't see that happening.  My biggest gain has been two and a half pounds and that was Tom's birthday week (yep, ate more that week than over Christmas and New Year ha!)

I worked out my BMI last night after group and was over the moon to discover I now sit happily right in the middle of 'healthy weight'.

When I started Slimming World, my BMI was 26.8 - I was classed as being overweight.  To look at me, I'm sure none of my family and friends would have described me as overweight - I suppose that's why BMI isn't always the best figure to look at or stress over.

I wish I'd kept a food diary for this week now, as what I've eaten has obviously been fabulous!

Although, I'm not sure if that is totally the case.  My meals have (on the whole) all been Slimming World friendly, even during Easter week.  It's the bits in between and the alcohol accompanying that's not been so great.  I suppose it just goes to show, though, how important it is to food optimise those three main meals that we eat.

My whole mindset has altered now when it comes to food and drink.  I actually feel like I have some level of self-control, for the first time ever.

Don't get me wrong, I still love going out for meals and going out for drinks.  I would never ever go out for a meal and not order a pudding afterwards.  Especially not if it was sticky toffee pudding.  I'd hate for my life to be so revolved around counting syns that I didn't let myself enjoy food and drink.

But I am more mindful about my choices throughout the rest of the week, which then allow me to have a "cheat day" or a day off plan.

Before I reached target I had weeks where I lost four pounds and had eaten an Indian takeaway, drank prosecco, and eaten chocolate brownie.  It's all about moderation.

For now, I'm super happy where I am.  I'm learning how to maintain where I am whilst learning to enjoy all the best things in moderation.

Being at target isn't easy, not by any means, but for now I am happy working my way through it and learning each day.

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