Brexit - will the UK be a Posh Spice or a Robbie Williams?

I'm not bored of writing about today yet, I'm not sure I ever will be.  I'm also not bored of an analogy so, in my attempt to cheer everyone up and turn all that negativity into something positive, here's another one.

The UK leaving the EU is a big deal, yep, we get that.  Everyone knows it's unprecedented.  Watching the news intently, even those who voted leave now are saying they wish they voted remain. I mean, that's just silly, you had months to make your mind up and read about the consequences.  Now you see what's happened, the initial panic that everyone told us would happen, you wish you'd stayed in?  That's very silly.  But, whatever.

The UK going solo could go one of two ways - Posh Spice or Robbie.

When the Spice Girls split, and Victoria Beckham tried to go solo, it was catastrophic for her.  But, when Robbie Williams left Take That for a solo career, it was the best move he ever made.

Will we be a Victoria Beckham?  Or will we be a Robbie?

When Robbie left Take That, the hearts of millions across the country - and around the world - broke.  Everyone said it would be the worst decision he would ever make.  Would people ever recover?  Would Take That recover?  Would Robbie sink or swim?

We all know he swam.  Not just swam, floated.  Soared.  The best move he ever made was to leave Take That and go solo.

Victoria Beckham, on the other hand, not so great.  As it's turned out, she's had a pretty successful career in fashion - a path she found after her singing career failed to take off.

Will we be a Posh Spice? Or a Robbie?  Maybe initially we'll be Posh, but I am sure eventually we can become a Robbie and triumph as a soloist.

All those right now who are so negative about our departure from the EU are like those heartbroken Take That fans who vowed to never buy a Robbie record.  He still got a string of number ones, though, so they must have come round.

Hey, we may even return to the EU in a decade for a triumphant reunion tour.

(For those still not yet able to smile today, that was a joke.)

What I'm saying, and what I've been saying throughout the day, is we need to stop dwelling.  We need to now look at the position we are in, lick our wounds and move on.

Successful people don't give up.

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