Planning a wedding isn't as easy as Don't Tell the Bride makes it look

I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed by wedding planning the last week or so. I've started referring to it as 'wedding shit', which speaks volumes really.

I'm not sure whether it was guest list traumas, our venue asking for another £1,000 deposit, or the realisation that this is one expensive party; but it just began proper stressing me out for the first time.

We're silly organised, so I'm not stressing that we have loads to do and no time. But the magnitude of the whole thing just hit me hard.

Anyone who has ever planned/is planning a wedding will know how bloody stressful it is. You watch Don't Tell the Bride and think it looks a piece of cake. These fellas get it done in three weeks, no problem.

But holy hell, that is not the case. By the time we get married, we'll have been planning it for over two years. And even that I don't think will have been long enough.

There is literally SO much to think about. Colour schemes, flowers, favours, seating plans, menus, stuff with the registrar, who we want pictures with, first dance song, music for the video... The list is literally endless.

Just when we think we've made progress with it, we realise how much more we still have to do.

And all for just one day!! All this money and effort and time planning for not even 12 hours. Gosh, putting it like that is depressing.

As I continued to get stressed out with 'wedding shit', my future sister and mother-in-law surprised me with a bag of 'bride goodies'. And, my god, did I cry when I opened it and saw all the thought they'd put into it.

I sat on the bedroom floor looking through the bits blubbering like a baby. There's literally no hope for me on my wedding day. The person doing my make-up better have some industrial strength stuff!

Inside the bag (which I've wanted for ages, absolutely love it!) was a pair of snazzy glasses which I will most definitely be wearing the whoooole of my hen weekend.

There was also a gorgeous hanger, which I cannot wait to hang my wedding dress on.

Then, cutest of all, a little bride essentials tin. Inside, wrapped neatly in tissue paper with little petals and hearts, was something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Oh and, of course, something alcoholic. Cos, y'know.

They say when you marry a guy you also marry his family and boy did I strike it lucky when I found Tom. His family are amazing, so cute and thoughtful and welcoming of me.

I could literally not ask for better in-laws.

This cute, thoughtful gift made me realise, too, that it really isn't worth me getting stressed over wedding planning. (Yep, it's back to being planning again, not shit).

All that matters is that Tom and I have the best day, with the best people, and we start our married lives together in the most fun, loving way. Which I have absolutely no doubt we will.

Just 280 days to go until the big day (yeah, the countdown is back on!!) and we can't wait!


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