Problems only girls with chunky calves will understand

Looking at my legs, I would never have particularly picked out that I have 'big calves'.  They're quite muscly, which sometimes I really don't like, but they're in proportion with my legs and body.

But I do have rather chunky calves, as I've discovered when encountering a number of problems that only others in the same situation will appreciate.

1. Buying wellies/knee-high boots is a struggle

When I was about 14 I was desperate for a pair of stripper boots.  Of course, at the time, I did not refer to them as stripper boots. Back then I said I wanted a pair of black, knee-high, heeled leather boots.  Looking back now, stripper boots is the best description.

When it came to trying pairs on, I was so limited with which I could get because they wouldn't fit over my bloody calves.  I ended up having to get some with a zip on, which when unfastened gave more space in the boot to fit my calves.

I had the same problem with wellies.  I had some uncomfortable walks with my dog when we first got her and my mum got me a cheap pair of wellies from Shoezone.  Each step I took I felt like someone was tying an elastic band around my leg.  When I got my Hunter wellies I bought them online and was really worried I'd have the same problem.  Thankfully, they do a wider leg version (which I still had to undo the strap on to be comfortable!)

2. Cigarette trousers are a no-go

I absolutely love the idea of being able to wear cigarette trousers.  Unfortunately, the reality is harsh.

I had a pair of beautiful cream cigarette trousers a few years ago.  When I was on work experience at the Leicester Mercury I decided to wear them one day.  They were a bit tight round my calves but not uncomfortable.  That was, until, I was walking home at the end of the day.  I felt like that girl on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Violet, who starts to blow up like a huge balloon.  My legs felt like they were getting bigger with every step, and my trousers tighter.  I literally just wanted to get some scissors and cut slits up my trousers to give me more space.

3. Skinny jeans are tough, too

Look closely at any of my skinny jeans and you'll see the seam is stretched significantly in my calf area.  Thankfully, though, they have never torn.  I would not be sharing this little tale if they had!

4. Especially trying to get them off

There is nothing sexy about trying to get a pair of skinny jeans off anyway, but over chunky calves is a right mood killer.

5. It's impossible to try and 'slim' them

Believe me, I've tried everything.  Walking, running, cycling, desk exercises, ankle rotations - nothing works.  Apparently it's genetics and I must just embrace them.

6. Midi skirts/culottes aren't always flattering

Drawing attention to the calf region when it's not something you're mad on isn't always a winner.  I love a midi skirt/dress and a comfy pair of culottes, but sometimes they do nothing to elongate my leg and, somehow, make me look/feel dumpy.  At 5ft 10", that's some achievement!

7. Camera angles have to be right

"The camera never lies", except when you want it to.  I can take two photos seconds apart from each other, from two different angles, and my legs look totally different depending on whether I am front-facing or sideways on.  I usually find sideways on works best for me, especially if I'm in heels.

8.  But at least they look good in a pair of heels

Wedges and heels elongate the leg and contract the muscle, showing the world your leggy charm.  You go girlfriend!


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