I'm pretty sure staff at our wedding venue think I am a psychopath

It's true, I'm pretty sure the wedding coordinator at our wedding venue thinks I am an actual psychopath.

After lying awake at 3 o'clock in the morning one Sunday night fretting about the smallest, most insignificant things, I sent a frantic email to our venue asking all my worries. I knew it, I sounded mental.

I actually asked the question if they'd save us a room for our wedding night. Of course they bloody will, I knew they would. But I had the worry in my mind that our excited guests would book all the rooms and we'd be left like Mary and Joseph with no room at the friggin' inn.

Pretty sure I even used that example in my email. Just kill me now. 

It's now just six months until our wedding. SIX MONTHS!!! 

It doesn't seem five minutes since we got engaged, or since we started the one year countdown. Now, it's just six months. This time in six months, we'll be husband and wife. Having our photos taken ahead of our evening reception.

Just 181 days to go. Sounds a long time when you put it like that. But, when I think back over the last six months, it's absolutely flown.

Everyone keeps saying 'once Christmas is out of the way it'll be here before you know it.' Now bonfire night is done and dusted, Christmas will be here in a blink of an eye. Then it's wedding year!!

Wedding planning is pretty much done and taken care of now. Everything is booked, ordered, bought and arranged. Just the small matter of saving and paying for it now...! It has been very stressful at times. When we sent out the save the dates it was difficult as there were controversies over who was /was not invited; that was definitely the hardest part. But we were expecting it.

Everything else, though, has been pretty plain sailing. We've got our gorgeous bridesmaids their dresses and Tom has chosen his suits for him and the boys. We've picked our honeymoon destination and are just waiting for the flights to come out so we can get it booked.

I imagine the next difficulty and stress will be the table plan. It makes me break out in a sweat thinking about it.

But those little stresses are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. It's all about me and Tom.

Hopefully I can reign in the psycho/stressy tendencies in the next six months, otherwise he might not be there waiting for me at the top of the altar! I joke (I hope).

Six months to go - there is an end in sight to these annoying blogs banging on about wedding planning! Then it'll just be further excitement about my exciting role in my best friend's wedding. I think I'll be more excited for hers than my own. All the exciting bits, none of the stress ha!

2017 is literally going to be the year of the wedding. I'm so lucky that Tom is so interested in the wedding planning. But I'm also so lucky that I get to do the whole process with my best friend; planning our weddings together.

When we first realised our weddings would be so close, I think we were both a bit worried it would be a bit like the film Bride Wars. I say 'I think', I know we were. Soph messaged me saying she hoped we didn't end up like that ha. But we never have. To say we are so similar and so alike, and both love the same things, we've never been in a situation where we've both wanted the same thing. Even if we were, we are so close we wouldn't get upset or angry or petty about it. We want each other's days to be just as special as our own, so we would never go all Bride Wars on each other.

Wedding planning may have been a nightmare at times, but it's also been amazing. Doing everything with Soph has been so special.

The next six months, and beyond, are going to be so exciting. And I just can't wait to be Mrs Natalie Jane Kershaw.

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