As Europe so famously said, 'it's the final countdown'

If I had a pound for every time someone asked me "how are you staying so calm?" during the last few weeks of wedding planning, I would be giving money out to our guests as wedding favours.

Not going to lie, I'm not even sure I know the answer to the question. I don't know how I have stayed so calm.

Six months ago, I was predicting I'd be a bridezilla when, in actual fact, I've been (please excuse me for this...) a bridechilla.

I did warn you.

In all serious, though, I have been one breezy bride over the last few weeks.


Now, as we enter the last week of the countdown, everything is hopefully falling into place.

I'm starting to do the really annoying "this time next week..." thing, which I'm sure is going to grow very old, very quickly, for those who have to sit and listen to me all day.

What's more exciting at the moment - believe me, that's possible - is that my brother's girlfriend flies in from America this weekend ready for the weekend and a month-long holiday in the UK.

Jack and Lauren haven't seen each other properly since before Christmas, when Jack came home for two weeks for the festive break.

Unfortunately, Jack was then unable to go back to university to complete, what was supposed to be, his last semester. That means him and Lauren have been apart for over four months.

I've done a long distance relationship previously and, oh lord, it is not easy. Long distance for me then was a couple of hundred miles, I can't even fathom what a couple of thousand has been like.

It's been difficult for them both, particularly Lauren. Her and Jack shared an apartment together so she's found it incredibly difficult with him not being there everyday. Jack has struggled too, of course, but he's had his family around him (even if he'd probably rather us not be there sometimes!)

I am so proud of both of them for seeing these difficult four months out and I am so incredibly excited for them to be reunited. I am tempted to drive down to Heathrow myself, just to watch their emotional reunion in the arrivals hall. I imagine it will be like something out of a film.

But Jack definitely won't want me there cramping his style. He's probably already worried about all the tales I have to tell her. It's a good job she's here for a month, it's going to take me a while!

Adding the excitement of Lauren's impending arrival to everything else and it's a wonder I haven't exploded yet.

Yes, things haven't been as smooth in the last few weeks as I would have maybe anticipated/liked/imagined, but hopefully everything is all in place now and I can finally start getting properly excited.

We've started packing all the boxes with bits and bobs to take to the venue, I've got lists of lists of lists of things to send to the venue to explain what everything is and where it needs to go. They're probably back to thinking I am a psycho right now. I'm not, honestly. I'm just an insanely organised, anal person.

I don't like it when things are out of my control. I like to know that if anything goes wrong I can fix it, which has proved immensely challenging at some points during the wedding planning when things have gone spectacularly wrong and there is literally nothing I can do.

I think that's why I have remained so calm. I realised that losing my shit, kicking off and sending myself grey with worry would do nothing to help the situation or speed things along. All it would do would make my ill, again, and add more wrinkles to my ever ageing face.

So, with that in mind, 'bridechilla' is going to remain exactly that until the last available moment.

This time next week (sorry, you knew it was coming!) I will be having a pamper at my mum's as my girls slowly start to arrive throughout the morning/afternoon. Everything will be packed in my car ready to take to the venue and I can finally give my bridesmaids their presents.

I am literally so excited!! Eight days to go!

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