More confessions of a Slimming World target member

I haven't written a Slimming World blog for what feels like forever. But you'll all be pleased to learn my silence doesn't mean I have gone off the rails.

In fact, this is the longest I have remained within my target range since I reached target. 

For those not familiar with the workings and wordings or Slimming World, once you reach your target weight you have a six pound range - three pounds either side of your target - with which you can remain in order to still get free membership. 

When I reached target last year I was forever hovering around the top of my range, creeping out then dropping back in again the following week. Then I just gave up going to group, weighed myself at home and slowly started to slip back into old habits. 

Since I started going back to Slimming World in February I have kept within my target range, slowly creeping down to the bottom - completely unchartered territory! 

Obviously my wedding dress is huge motivation for me sticking with it, but my head feels so much more focused than when I reached target initially last year. I'm going to group every week, even though I haven't stayed all the time I have been and committed to getting myself weighed and staying on track. 

I still eat chocolate, biscuits, crisps and all the nice food I like. I still have cake at least once a week and enjoy a glass of wine every now and then. And I am still able to maintain my loss. 

I've recently found myself creating some colourful culinary delights, which instantly makes me want to eat them even more! 

I've done a sausage ragu, using Morrisons Eat Smart Cumberland style sausages which are soooooooo tasty and only half a syns each. Zero fat comes out and they're so nice. I don't want to shout about them too much, because I don't want another Porky Lights style sausage shortage across the country, but honestly people should try them. 

I also did a Slimming World version of an old favourite that mum used to cook regularly when I lived at home. It's a pork meatloaf and is honestly soooo tasty! I think I adapted it to work out at around 3 syns per portion, but it could have been less than that too by adapting and changing other ingredients. 

Then there was a lasagne, which was syn free using my cheese as HEA, and some gorgeous fish and chips on Good Friday. As well as a tasty tagliatelle packed with speed vegetables using 2 syns of red pesto for the sauce. My tummy is rumbling just recalling all the goodnes. 

While touching on the subject of Easter, I have to share with you the amazing Slimming World friendly Easter basket from my in-laws to-be. 

Very aware that I had a wedding dress to fit into in a matter of weeks, and aware of my lack of self control where chocolate is concerned, they presented me with a basket of fruit and smaller chocolate treats. I was genuinely so excited!

If you'd have told me a few years ago I'd be more excited about a basket of fruit for Easter than chocolate eggs I would've laughed in your face. 

I enjoyed every last piece of fruit, and every last syn of chocolate. 

Life is about striking the healthy balance between food that's not only tasty, but also good for you. And, boy, I am completely in my stride after finding the perfect balance. 

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