I'm starting to get used to being Mrs Kersh now

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I became Mrs Kershaw - a wife!

Everyone keeps asking me how married life is and I feel really boring telling them it feels exactly the same.

The first time a piece of post came through the door addressed to Mrs N J Kershaw was exciting, I must admit, but other than that it feels exactly the same.

I still can't stop watching the incredible highlights trailer put together by the amazingly talented ladies at Dave Spink Photography.

If you've not yet had a nosey, here it is:

Wedding Trailer | Wentbridge House Hotel | Natalie & Tom from Dave Spink Photography on Vimeo.

After finally saying goodbye and goodnight to all our wedding guests; lugging the post box, gift bags, and boxes of table decorations up to our room; taking out the hundreds of hair grips keeping my barnet in place and yanking my hair extensions out, we saw that the highlights trailer to our wedding had been shared on Facebook.

This had already been shown at our evening reception, projected onto the wall for about half an hour before our first dance. It was so lovely to see moments from the day captured for everyone to see.

However, it was played at the evening reception without the Ed Sheeran track accompanying it; it was just the video.

Whilst it's still beautiful without the sound, it doesn't quite tug at the heart strings in the same way when the Star Wars theme tune is playing alongside (I think it was our page boy who requested that one from the DJ!)

As we sat down to watch the video, by this time it was approaching 2.30am, we couldn't have comprehended how beautiful it would be with the music. We must've watched it 10 times before eventually going to bed.

Tom was still an emotional mess as it was, having never recovered from me walking down the aisle/his speech/the general day. Added to this mix the majority of alcoholic beverages sold by Wentbridge House Hotel, he was never going to keep it together.

It's strange, though, the amount of people who have got in touch with us about it. People who don't know us - friends of friends etc. - to say how lovely the video is and how even they shed a little tear.

It's so nice to watch the video and re-live all those happy feelings and memories from the day. It's also nice to be able to watch it and Tom not cry now. I was beginning to think the tears were tears of regret the longer they went on!

We've also had some other videos back this week, which has been lovely. I wasn't expecting them back so soon but we've been able to re-live the ceremony, speeches and first dance.

I couldn't believe it, watching them back, how much stuff I had forgotten already from the day.

Tom's speech, for example, was memorable - anyone who was there will tell you that. But I couldn't actually remember anything he said in it. While I can tell from the video, I am listening to him intently (I was, honest!) I didn't actually seem to process or register any of the words coming out of his mouth. Except, that is, the string of expletives he muttered under his breath while he tried to compose himself.

Then there's the ceremony. That went by in a blur.

Someone asked me the other day if I remembered everything from the day. I thought they meant had I had too much to drink and forgotten it due to alcohol, so answered "yeah I made sure I didn't drink too much so I didn't forget anything."

What they actually meant was, do I remember the day in general. And, when I thought about it, I wasn't actually sure. Yes, I remember getting ready in the morning, the laughs we had in the room as we all got dressed, Soph springing into action when I started to get all sweatt, seeing Tom just break down when he saw me... But there are so many other things people have told me since, that I literally have no recollection of.

For example, apparently when the doors opened for us to walk into the ceremony and I saw Tom crying, I turned to my dad and said: "Oh god, he's gone already."

Don't remember that whatsoever!

Anyone planning a wedding who isn't too sure on getting a wedding video, I would highly recommend it.

I'll not lie to you, I wasn't keen at all on getting one. I didn't see the point and said to Tom we would never watch it.

He, however, was insistent that we got one and I hold my hands up now for being completely and utterly wrong because I am so glad we did. Being able to return to the moment and watch it all again, from an outside perspective, is amazing. And as far as the 'never watching it' goes - I haven't stopped watching it!

Every time I watch it I notice something new - a guest's reaction or something I had just simply forgotten.

When I was little I loved watching my mum and dad's wedding video, so I am so glad our children will have the chance to do exactly the same.

We've still got our main video, which is a collage of the whole day set to music, to come and, if the rest are anything to go by, it's going to be amazing.

One thing they didn't capture - which is a blessing - was some of the dance moves as the night went on.

When shopping for my wedding dress, one of my friends said to make sure I picked a gown that I could 'get low' in. I knew this would be an important requirement but, the fitted nature of my dress around the booty region, placed doubt in my mind as to whether this would be possible.

Thankfully, Flo Rida's 'Low' came on quite late into the evening - when I was a jager bomb or three deep - so I didn't hesitate to get low, low, low, low, low, low, low.

Liz, the friend with the spiffing advice about making sure I could get low, even caught the momentous move on video. This will make the 'unofficial' edit...

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