I am now officially a Slimming World 'diamond member'

In true Monica Geller style - this Slimming World bride is no longer a bride, now I'm "just a wife".

For those not as in tune with Friends as myself, when Monica and Chandler have got married there's a scene where they check out of the hotel the next morning. Monica said she was checking out the bridal suite because she's "no longer a bride, now just somebody's wife."

I'm not sure Slimming World wife has quite the same ring to it as Slimming World bride, so I'll maybe just hang onto that tag for a little longer!

After a surprising few losses in the run-up to the wedding, I was dreading getting back on the scales this week.

The last weigh-in before the wedding saw me lose one pound, and drop right to the bottom of my target range. While this was great, as it gave me more room to gain and not creep out of my target range, I was shocked at the scales result given what I had consumed in the week.

I put it down to stress largely, so expected my weight to soar once the stress was all out the way.

Add onto this the vast amount of food and drink consumed, I was sure I'd be out my target range. I had a sneaky weigh-in at home and my scales told me I'd put over half a stone on. I was gutted.

But not surprised.

Since the wedding, I've eaten so much rubbish. Some days went by where I don't think I had any fresh fruit or vegetables - completely unheard of for me, even on days when I wasn't food optimising 100%.

While we were on our mini-moon I ate white bread, pizza, garlic bread, scones with clotted cream, chocolate, cake, and drank my body weight in prosecco and red wine.

Even when we came home the bad eating habits continued with a takeaway. I even had two puddings at a BBQ at mum and dad's house.

Given all of this, I was expecting a huge gain at Slimming World on Wednesday. To the point where I couldn't even bring myself to go to the gym beforehand. My usual ritual, the same every Wednesday, is going to the gym before weigh-in. I then wear the same clothes every week to get weighed in, convinced that changing out of these would ruin my run of good luck.

Wednesday, I just couldn't be bothered with this ritual. I'd resigned myself to a gain, and most likely seeing my weight rise above the target range threshold.

However, when I stood on the scales, I was shocked to see I had only put four pounds on.

Now, any other week, I'd have been in tears at a four pound gain. However, given the types/quantity of food and drink I have consumed since my last weigh-in, I was chuffed.

It also meant I still had a pound and a half until I reached the top of my target range. I was chuffed!

I also received my diamond award on Wednesday evening, celebrating being at target for over 12 months. My consultant had even filled it out in my new name. I was feeling very chuffed as I strolled out of group on Wednesday night.

I was determined that this week I would slip back into good habits and get back to food optimising 100%, but that hasn't quite gone to plan so far.

Last night started with all good intentions as I chopped all the fat off my bacon and fried it ready to make a syn free carbonara. I had the bacon sorted and ready to re-heat when Tom got home, only to go into the kitchen and discover one of the cats had troffed pretty much the entire contents of the pan. Leaving tea's plans in tatters.

When Tom came home and I told him what happened his words were "ah well, let's have a takeaway."

Now, this isn't usually our attitude to life, but I had to agree with him. It was 8.15pm, all the other meat we had in the house was frozen, and I couldn't be bothered to start defrosting two chicken breasts at that time.

Aside from the Indian, my Slimming World week has been a good one so far. We are going to stay with family this weekend, which will no doubt see lots of alcohol flowing, but I am hoping the walking we are planning will counteract that to some level.

It may be that next week's weigh-in takes me out of my target range, and I have to properly get back on that car bonnet the week after.

I do still have lots of things to aim for, so it's not that I will be taking my foot completely off the gas and ballooning. 

I am a bridesmaid for my best friend in August, and we are going on her hen weekend in a couple of weeks. Then it's our honeymoon in September. These will keep me focused and, hopefully, on track.

Until then, I will just keep staring at photos of myself in my wedding dress to keep me properly motivated.

When I started Slimming World, there was no way on earth I would have felt comfortable or confident wearing the dress I did. 

Before I went shopping for my wedding dress, the gown I chose was the one I had seen on Pinterest and had labelled as my "dream dress". People always said to me that the dress you have in mind and the one you pick will be totally different, but for me it wasn't like that.

I felt exactly as I imagined I would when I tried it on and when I wore it on the big day. It was just such an amazing feeling.

None of that would've been possible without Slimming World, so I will always be thankful for that when I remember how great I felt.

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