Tom and I are at sixes - not sevens

Anyone who isn't already aware, Tom and I have a weird connection with the number six. It all stems back to a discovery that I remember, clear as day, three years ago.

It was just after we had both swiped the right way on Tinder, got back in contact with one another and started 'dating'. After the embarrassing conversation on Tinder where Tom told me to just text him as it would be easier and I had to confess I had deleted his number as I'd not spoken to him in so long!

It was 6th May 2014. I was stood in the kitchen with mum and dad about to open a bottle of champagne to toast their silver wedding anniversary before heading out for a meal. Tom was texting me, as he did often (#persistent) asking me what I was up to. I replied and told him that I was just getting ready to head out for a meal as it was my mum and dad's silver wedding that day.

He replied with something along the lines of "no way - today? It's my parent's silver wedding anniversary today too!"

I thought he was taking the piss, so I did what I do best and went on a social media stalk. I came across his sister's Twitter - who I didn't follow at the time so had to be careful when scrolling - and saw a photo of flowers, cards and gifts as well as a message wishing her parents a happy silver wedding.

I also saw an announcement in the local paper, to Mr and Mrs Kershaw congratulating them on their silver wedding on 6th May.

I couldn't believe it - both our parents married on exactly the same day - what are the chances?

From there, the coincidences just got stranger. We learnt that both our parents lived at number 66 on their respective streets, we both had grandmas called Dorothy, and we both ended up working at the same place after I applied for a job at Selby Times prior to us reconnecting, unaware he already worked there!

The big one came when we were buying our house. We originally went down to Persimmon looking to get a house that wasn't yet built - giving us time to save and move in when the house was built some 7 or 8 months later.

However, when we got there, we discovered there was a house ready to go with a really good deal on it. We were torn, we wanted to wait but we also didn't want to miss this good deal.

When the sales woman told us the plot number, we couldn't believe it. It was only plot 66! When we told her both our parents lived at 66, she told us it was a sign. Of course she'd say that, though, she wanted a sale!

When we went back into the sales office with our decision, she told us she'd looked up what our address would be and that it would be number 6.

Literally, what are the chances?

To make it even weirder - if that were possible - when the photographer at our wedding uploaded his 'sneak peek' photos on Facebook, he chose 66 to share. I thought this was intentional, but he swears it wasn't.

My dad joked in his speech at our wedding about naming a future son 'Damien' and him having 666 carved in the back of his head!

After we got engaged the first thing we did was look to see when May 6th was next on a Saturday. The fact our parents were both married on the same day was too special to ignore, and we wanted to mark that connection by doing the same thing. Had it been a special anniversary for them, like their 30th, then we would have probably avoided it so as not to take too much away from their special anniversary. But they've still a couple of years to go until that, and they were more than happy to share their anniversary with us.

It's strange to think that there are so many connections between Tom and myself. I'm not sure I've ever really believed in fate, but all these signs definitely point towards what I already knew - that him and I really are meant to be.

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