I made the mistake of asking Tom if he liked my hair at the weekend

It's not a question I often ask Tom, but Sunday night before I headed into town for drinks I asked him if he liked my hair.

Usually, I switch between the same three hairstyles each time, so never need to ask if it looks ok. On Sunday I was inspired, after watching back-to-back episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians for two whole days, by Kim's sleek and simple ponytail.

For those not familiar with the reality queen's 'do, here's some snaps from her Insta.

To say it's a look she frequently dons, there are few photos of it on her Insta feed!

I put some of my hair extensions in to bulk it out - otherwise it was like a limp piece of string, given my hair is thinning at the rate of a balding man - and achieved the desired ponytail effect.

I thought it looked nice and simple, but was aware it was different to my usual looks (which, I must admit, are the same every goddamn time - down and straight; down, straight with a bit clipped/pinned back; or up in a donut-style bun!)

As I was sat downstairs about to go out, I asked Tom if he liked my hair.

He paused. For a long time.

That told me all I needed to know.

His answer, finally, was: "Well, I think it would look better executed in a different way."

Executed?! Fucking executed?! Who are you suddenly? Bloody Mark Hill?

It told me all I needed to know, though - he didn't like it. Throwing into doubt my hair ideas for an upcoming wedding we are going to, where I have envisaged my whole 'look' with this Kim K style pony.

I felt totally self conscious then and had no time to go and do anything else to my hair.

I didn't think it looked that bad!

It could've maybe done with a bit more volume, rather than being so sleek, but now I just look at it and see every possible flaw. I hadn't even noticed my head was that shape before! It looks like a friggin' rugby ball!

It played on my mind all evening, to the point where it was my go-to topic of conversation with every person I bumped into - whether I knew them or not. When I learnt a few girls I was chatting to were hairdressers, I was keen to learn their opinions on the barnet.

They all said it looked lovely. They were either lying to make me feel better, or they did genuinely like it. Either way, they were suddenly further up my preference list than my new husband!

Just kidding, Tom, you are right up there really!

I'm a pretty crappy girl when it comes to things like hair and make-up. I wish I knew what the chuff I was doing, but I really don't. Then, the one time I try something new, I learn the brutally honest way that I can't be like Kim Kardashian. Not that I was ever under any illusion that I could, in any way, pull anything off as successfully as her!

I also learnt that asking your husband for their opinion is just like asking a child - they'll be completely honest with their feelings and opinions.

It dawned on me, though, I would rather Tom were honest about how he thought I looked than lie to make me feel better. Even if I will then tell him to stick his opinions where the sun doesn't shine because I thought I looked fine!

Typical girl that - ask for feedback then ignore it if it's not what we want to hear!

For all those asking if married life is any different, I can finally say yes - he's not afraid to tell me what he really thinks now!

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