We need more love in the world, not less

Poor David Beckham.

That's not a phrase I thought I'd ever use - he's got a stunning wife, gorgeous kids, good health, never has to work another day in his life... He's got it pretty easy really.

But, last week, the DILF sparked debate/controversy/whatever other stupid word you want to use after posting a photo of him kissing his five-year-old little girl.

Here is said image:

I saw it and thought how cute it was. That beautiful bond between father and daughter. A show of affection, a lovely moment to cherish from their holiday, and a symbol of unconditional love.

Unfortunately not everybody is of the same opinion as me.

Those absolute delights on social media, who crawl out of the woodwork ready to slam even the most innocent and special of things, branded Beckham's kiss with Harper as "weird" and "wrong". A similar photo posted by Victoria Beckham for Harper's birthday last year received the same criticism.


If you ask me, it's more weird and wrong to not kiss your children, especially young children, on the lips. If the Beckhams want to kiss Harper on the lips then so be it. At the end of the day, she's five - a child!

My mum and dad used to kiss me on the lips all the time when I was really small and, I know, when Tom and I eventually have children, I will kiss them on the lips too.

Some of the comments have asked "what the world is coming to" by him kissing his baby girl on the lips.

I'm sorry, but I'd have to ask what the world was coming to if a father didn't want to kiss his little girl on the lips. She is five-years-old for God's sake!

Someone else said it looked like they were "making out" while others branded it "old fashioned".

Maybe, just maybe, people not showing this kind of affection to their children anymore is what is actually "wrong" with the world. Parents kissing their children is completely and utterly normal - or at least it should be.

A kiss between a parent and a child is a sign of unconditional love.

We need more love in the world, not less. We need more parents kissing their children, more shows of affection and more kindness.

With all the horrible things we see on the news everyday, all the mindless acts of terrorism and hatred around the world, surely acts of love - like David Beckham's picture - should be celebrated and not slammed.

Imagine how much nicer the world would be to live in if everyone was just kind to each other.

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