Making memories is my favourite, but documenting them is important too

While we were away on our honeymoon, I was seldom without some sort of camera or recording equipment in my hand.

If I wasn't taking photos, I was recording our every move on the GoPro. Whether it was the walk from our room down to the hotel facilities, or what we were eating and drinking, I was documenting every moment. Not to post on social media (although, I did do a lot of posts on Instagram), but most of what we captured is just for us to keep as a reminder of everything we did. It's nice to share our photos and videos with our family and friends, but it's nicer to have some that are special to us. (And no, they're not rude!)

Tom kept asking me why, telling me he would rather take everything in through his eyes rather than through a camera lens. The great thing about the GoPro is it is such a wide angle lens, I could point it in the general direction I wanted to film and still achieve my desired shot; while still being able to look at everything myself. But I did see what he was getting at.

The truth is, I take so many pictures and videos all the time because I want to remember everything. Of course, I know I will remember everything for now. I can still tell you now each meal we ate and what was my favourite cocktail from the bar menu. But, one day, one of us might not remember.

We might have forgotten how Tom mastered paddle boarding, or all the beautiful scenery in the Seychelles. We might have forgotten the things we saw in Dubai, or the amazing experiences we had during our honeymoon.

Each time he asked me why I was incessantly taking photos of everything I remembered the film The Notebook. Everyone in the English-speaking world has heard of The Notebook, if not ever seen it.

For those not familiar to the storyline, it centres around an elderly couple in a nursing home. The man is telling the woman a love story about how two people met and fell in love. It transpires, through the film, that the couple in question is the elderly couple from the start; and she has dementia. Each day, Noah tells Allie the story in the hope that she will remember him, even if just for a brief moment.

Now, of course, that sounds very dramatic (not at all like me, I know...) but you just never know what the future holds. I would hate to think that, years down the line, one of us developed Alzheimer's, dementia or another memory loss disease and not remember all the fun times that we had had together. All the adventures we had been on and all the memories that we made in good faith that we would hold them with us forever.

By taking lots of photos and videos, we always have something to look back on. We'll always have memory boxes, scrap books and photo albums to try and jog our memories. Plus, we can share all our adventures with our future family.

I know when I was little I loved looking at pictures and videos of my mum and dad's trips and adventures before me and Jack came along.

For now, I will keep snapping away and documenting every moment of our lives together. Because, taking hundreds of photos doesn't mean I don't take the moments in myself at the time, it just means I can look back on the memories in the years to come, when they aren't so fresh, and relive every moment.

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