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Today we had our 'anomaly scan' which is to check that baby's anatomy is forming right, that they're healthy and that everything is where it should be and developing at the right rate.

It's also the scan where they can tell the sex of the baby - if you want to know - providing it isn't lying in an awkward position.

Here's our scan photo from today, showing little peanut mid yawn/laugh. Just like mumma, mouth always open!

All the little monkey did all the way through the scan was yawn. Again, just like mumma - always tired.

It was being very stubborn and awkward (could take after either me or Tom in that!) and wouldn't move for the sonographer to get the final look at the heart she needed. Despite her wriggling the doppler thing on my belly and pressing on my bladder very hard, peanut wasn't budging.

She sent me for a 'brisk' walk to the hospital entrance, had me rolling over on my sides, tipped the bed up so my head was heading towards the floor, and had me on all fours shaking my bum around.

Peanut was also face-on the whole way through the scan. It was absolutely terrifying - but beautiful, obvs - seeing both eyes, nose and mouth face on. We could see the feet dancing about and arms were up by the head stretching out.

It was amazing seeing how much it's grown since November and seeing little toes and little fingers.

Now to the part I know you're all here for...

Everyone, bar three people, said to me they thought that peanut is a girl. I didn't ever have any strong inkling, and none of the old wives' tales were the same to point me towards one gender or the other. The only feeling I had was after dreams I'd had where it was a girl. Even the one where they said it was a boy, the person scanning me kept saying "she".

So with no clue, no inkling and no feeling whatsoever I was super excited to find out that baby Kershaw is a....


Yep, everyone was right (no idea how they all had the feeling it was a girl, but they were spot on!)

We're both over the moon and, of course, would have been either way as long as it's healthy. But we're super excited we're going to have a little baby girl. Tom is already predicting that she's going to be a massive daddy's girl. I'm sure she'll have him wrapped around her little finger from the second she makes her entrance.

So, there we have it. Peanut is a girl!

Now we're at the halfway point I have a feeling it's going to go really quickly now (until the last few weeks) so we are going to spend our week off next week getting organised. It's all suddenly feeling really real!

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