Finally getting ready for our new arrival

Last week we had our last week off work together, just the two of us, until my maternity leave officially starts in June. We had planned to spend it just chilling out, making the most of being able to get away with lounging around watching 17 episodes of Friends on Netflix in one day and napping whenever I felt like it.

It was also Tom's birthday, so we celebrated that and just generally spent some nice, quality time together.

We also made headway on getting organised for Peanut's arrival. Everyone has kept asking us "have you bought loads of stuff already?" and I felt so bad constantly saying that we hadn't. All we had purchased was a SnuzPod, which had money off after Christmas, and some vests when Tesco had 25% off clothing. Not a single other item.

We decided to capitalise on having some time off in the week to get organised as much as possible and seem like we were ready for her arrival.

On the Saturday we had a personal shopping consultation at Mamas & Papas in Hull.

(Slightly off topic but any expectant parents who are yet to make a start on the arrival of their bundle of joy, I would highly recommend this! There's no pressure to buy anything from them, it's just a great way to hear all the options and look at everything that you'll need.)

Before going in, we decided to look online at the nursery furniture options so we knew what would fit best, what we liked, and what our price range was going to be. The furniture set that we saw, which was in white, said online it was a minimum of 18 weeks for delivery. Taking into consideration I had less than 20 weeks until my due date, this perhaps was pushing it a bit.

I started to panic big time, worrying that we'd left it too late to start shopping for furniture and that the nursery was just going to be a variety of cardboard boxes, bags and clothes thrown over a chair. I know Peanut won't be in her cot until she is at least six months old, we've got a bedside crib already for her, but I would quite like to have her nursery ready for her arrival. Particularly her wardrobe and changing table to put everything away in.

When we went into the store we mentioned this to the lady we saw and she confirmed it was correct. The earliest delivery slot available was May 30th - two weeks before Peanut is due. She said, though, that there was a high chance that this would be pushed back and it could turn into a case of what will come first - baby or furniture?

We managed to still get the furniture we'd seen and loved, just in a different colour, and it is being delivered next week; so all is well with the world.

We then made a start on painting the room, picking new flooring, and choosing a light fitting,

By the time the following weekend rolled around, we were all set for the furniture to be delivered. The room was painted, the new flooring was down, we had a rug, we had a new light fitting and we had some decorative bits and accessories.

After feeling totally unprepared and not at all ready, we are now perfectly placed for the delivery of her nursery furniture next week. The next battle will be working out where it's all going to fit!

If I keep ordering and buying little bits and bobs for her room, there'll be nowhere for her to go when she gets here!

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  1. People keep asking me what I’ve bought I’m like.... not a lot what’s the rush? 😐 we wanted to be sure everything was ok first x