I've lost ten and a half pounds in four weeks

And, yes, I am feeling pretty smug about it. If not a bit shocked/undeserving.

I really didn't expect a loss this week, so I was a bit taken aback when I stood on the scales and discovered I had lost 2.5lbs. You see, I have hardly been following Slimming World this week and, instead, fell off the wagon face first into a huge chocolate cake.

Here's the cake, let's just take a moment to appreciate this...

It was as good as it looks. In fact, it was better than it looks. I had more slices (chunks, if I'm being honest) than I care to admit. I also had some Betty's cakes, a very large glass of red wine and an Italian meal out (our first date night since Peyton was born!) I expected a 2.5lbs gain - not a loss of any type!

So I definitely cheated the scales this week. I was that woman who arrives and has a loss after having three Chinese takeaways, a pizza, a family share size bar of Galaxy and three bottles of wine.

God, I wish I'd eaten all that. I definitely wouldn't have lost 2.5lbs then!

Anyway, back to it. I did manage to consume some Slimming World food in between all the bad stuff.

When we went out for our meal just the two of us I had an antipasto board to start (I was tempted by a big garlic pizza bread, but resisted!) and then had a chicken dish in a tomato, pepper and onion sauce with roasted veg and 'crushed potatoes' (like mash, just not buttery/creamy).

It was so nice to go out just the two of us. My mum and dad basically told us they were babysitting and sent us out, it was lovely. And Peyton was a dream for them, too, so that made the night a complete success.

I managed to fit into some pre-pregnancy skinny jeans that I squeezed into the other week, this time with a little bit more room. They're still much more snug than they used to be, but I felt fabulous.

I was smiling inside, honest!

Most of the bank holiday weekend was spent at other people's houses, which meant I avoided cooking from Thursday right up until Tuesday - the absolute dream. Friday night my mum had made a chilli for us. I was working Friday (she looked after Peyton again, she's an actual godsend!) and she didn't think I'd be up for cooking when I got home so she made us a huge bowl of Slimming World friendly chilli which we had with rice (and spinach for me!)

Sunday night we went to mum and dad's house for tea and she made the chicken kebabs and syn free Nando's spicy rice which was beaut!

Tuesday night I finally reclaimed my spot in the kitchen and made us a firm favourite in our house - pizza topped chicken. Mine was topped with tomato puree, bacon, cheese, peppers and red onion. I did Tom's with tomato puree, bacon, mushrooms, peppers and cheese. I served it with homemade chips and salad.

It's so, so tasty and tastes very naughty.

Now I've written down the meals I've eaten this week, it was a bloody miracle that I got a loss. But I'll take it and run.

I'm not going to try and cheat the scales again this week and get complacent. I'm back on it 110%.

Today for lunch I made tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes, spinach, red onion and garlic and a tablespoon of red pesto for two syns.

So easy, so tasty and so filling. Everything you want from a lunch!

I also have got the new Take 5 recipe book from Slimming World, where all the recipes have just five ingredients. There are some absolutely beaut sounding recipes in there so I have ordered all the ingredients needed on my shopping, which is being delivered in the morning, and will make them this weekend.

Just using five ingredients is great as it makes everything so much easier - and cheaper!

Some of the meals I'll be trying this weekend include a turkey jalfrezi (hopefully not too spicy given I'm still breastfeeding...!), a king prawn jambalaya, a chicken in creamy leek sauce, and a Mexican chicken stew.

I'll report back next week on what they're all like!

I've also started doing a lot more exercise. The last five days I've walked at least 10k a day and smashed my 10,000 steps goal. My Fitbit has never seen such productivity levels! I think that probably played a part in my unexpected loss - I'm clutching at straws really.

Either that, or Charis is going to make an absolute fortune by selling her amazing chocolate cakes which make you lose weight!

I'm hoping to have another good two weeks. I'm setting myself the target of losing half a stone before we go to Center Parcs in three weeks - so fingers crossed! I'm just over a stone away from the weight I was when I found out I was pregnant, and just over two stone away from my original target weight. I'm not sure how close I'll get to that while still breastfeeding and carrying around my massive milk jugs, but we shall see! They must weigh half a stone alone!

I'm feeling very positive and confident about how my body is adapting to the post-baby life and I can't wait to carry on shedding the pounds in the week to come. My initial target of being back into my size 10 skinny jeans by Christmas could still be achievable! 

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