Peyton's first birthday

It's been that long since I've written a blog that Peyton's first birthday was almost two months ago. As she gets older, I swear time goes faster.

I don't remember the first two months of her life going as quickly as these last two.

But, nevertheless, we had the most wonderful few days celebrating her turning one.


The day before her birthday we took her to The Deep at Hull. For those who aren't aware, it's basically a huge aquarium. Everyone with a baby/child who lives nearby has been at some point and taken loads of Insta-worthy pictures of their babies looking at the fishies.

It was the first time we have taken her and she's actually engaged with what was happening. She walked around quite a lot, looked at the fish tanks, and generally enjoyed herself.

On her birthday itself, we kicked off the day with Nutella pancakes and fruit. Because, if you can't start your birthday with your face covered in chocolate, when can you?!

We went to Piglets Adventure Farm for the day which is near York. It's an outdoor play place with a petting farm and a big play barn. We've been a couple of times but, again, it was the first time we've been and she's actually taken things in and enjoyed herself.

She loved the big, bouncy pillows and was very intrigued by the animals!

At teatime, both our parents came round and we had chocolate cake (made by my mum) and sang happy birthday. It was so cute, she was loving life. Not as much as she was when she tucked into the cake, though. Remember Bruce from Matilda? That was P!

We had a little party for her on the Saturday; just our parents, siblings and godparents at our house. It was so, so nice!

And the weather was beautiful, which I was really worried about!

Our best friends' little girl, who is 1 this week, came as well and I honestly just love watching her and Peyton play together. As they're getting older they're engaging with each other, playing with toys together and recognising each other.

We went round to theirs for a takeaway a couple of weeks ago and they were playing so nicely; holding hands, trying to cuddle, and Peyton even tried to kiss her a few times! I honestly can't wait for them to be best friends just like me and Soph.

Anyway, I digress!

We just had a little garden party on the Saturday with loads of toys and an incredible inflatable pool (which was from Aldi, but is also on Amazon; although a lot more pricey on Amazon!)

I did a buffet, with help from my mum, and we had a cake and cupcakes made for her (they were by Bex's Sweet Treats if anyone is from the Selby area and after a cake maker; I can highly recommend her!)

Here are a few pictures from the day (this is probably so boring, so if you're still with me, thanks!)

Peyton had the best few days and was so happy.

It's crazy to think that I now have a toddler. She'll, obviously, always be my baby girl; no matter how old she is.

She's developed the most wonderful, sassy, cheeky little personality and is changing and growing everyday.

I was so emotional about her turning one.

That first year gone, in the blink of an eye. So much has happened in that year, and we've done so much.

Weirdly, her turning one made me feel really, really reminiscent about breastfeeding. I never intended to breastfeed her to this point, but I suddenly really started to miss it; something that I hadn't even felt when I stopped initially.

If I'd not stopped when I did, I would've started weaning her off it by now; so I've no idea why I've felt so sad about it. It's like I've had this delayed reaction to stopping. I haven't fed her myself since April 6 (yes, I know, I remember the exact date). So much happened in the weeks after that, that I think I was a bit distracted by all of that to have any reaction to the end of breastfeeding.

Whether it hit me when it was her birthday because it was the end of the baby chapter, and thus the end of breastfeeding officially, I'm not sure. It's been National Breastfeeding Week recently, and that's made me feel really emotional, too!

I don't know what's wrong with me haha! Looking back, I definitely stopped at the right time for both of us, so god knows why I suddenly feel so sad about it all!

Every birthday is special, I've always loved birthdays; whether it be mine or other people's. I'll always make a point of celebrating her birthday and marking the occasion.

June 20, 2018, was a special, special day.

I laboured for more hours than I want to recall and, at the end of it, our gorgeous girl came. I will always want to celebrate that day with her and Tom.

Our little family; the three musketeers.

One is such a milestone. It's the start of a whole new chapter, more challenges, and even more chances to make a whole load more memories.

Peyton Rose, we love you so much.

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