Would you go as far as Josie Cunningham to be famous?

In today's society, with a host of social media platforms, fame is not difficult to gain.  The receptionist who mistakenly tweeted about 'Bronco Bama' experienced her five minutes of fame, as did the student who sold her story to the tabloids after Manchester United star Januzaj took her to Nando's on a date.

These people come and go, relishing their short-lived time in the spotlight and returning to normality soon after.  The same goes for reality television contestants.  The outrageous, the awful and the brilliant all get everyone talking and experience their moment in the spotlight.

Those who appear on X Factor, Britain's Got Talent or The Voice are, while the show is being aired, followed everywhere by fans and the paparazzi.  But once the show is over, unless signed, they go back to their normal life as if nothing ever happened.

There's one person who seems to keep popping up, desperate to satisfy her hunger for fame - Josie Cunningham.

Josie hit headlines last year after it was announced she received a boob job on the NHS, costing around £4,800, so that she could become a glamour model.  She also revealed, earlier this month, she was to have £2,500 of dental care carried out free of charge on the NHS.

A number of pictures were released following her boob job showing her straddling motorbikes and wearing skimpy clothing whilst trying to look sexy.

This is controversial enough, with millions of people being denied life-saving treatments, therapies, and operations on the NHS because of cuts and money shortages.

Josie seemed to have slunk away from the limelight until this weekend, when she was back causing yet more controversy by announcing she was going to terminate her unborn child in order to appear on Big Brother.

On Saturday, 23-year-old Josie spoke to The Mirror and said: 'I am finally on the verge of becoming famous and I'm not going to ruin it now'.

At 18 weeks pregnant, Josie posed proudly showing off her growing bump. She had also shared pictures of her scan on her twitter feed.  She is not sure whether the father of her child is a client from when she was an escort or a Premier League footballer. Classy.

Josie believes that having an abortion will further her career, allowing her to be driving a nice car and living in a big house this time next year.

It is understood that she is to have the abortion this week at a private London clinic; and will approach Channel 5 again afterwards.  She claims that Big Brother bosses were keen for her to appear on the show until learning she was pregnant and hopes that aborting her child will be the ticket to fame she so desperately desires.

I am not sure whether Josie Cunningham has watched Big Brother in the last few years, but I would hardly class that as the route to fame.  I couldn't name you one person who had been on Big Brother in recent series.  In fact, I thought they only did a 'Celebrity Big Brother' now.

It saddens me that women like Josie Cunningham can be so brazen and desperate in their quest for fame.

To abort an unborn baby is a controversial issue in itself, but for reasons such as hers are ridiculous.  All the people out there who are desperate for children but are unable to conceive, or have lost them during tragic circumstances, have to watch this being played out in the media; watching Josie Cunningham lapping up the attention she is receiving.

Of course, it is Josie's body and life and, therefore, Josie's choice.  If she really did want to abort her baby in order to chase fame, she didn't need to broadcast it to the tabloids and sell her story.  Nobody would have known she was pregnant in the first place, or know that she terminated her pregnancy.  The fact she has chosen to announce it so proudly is what gets me.

Whether or not she will choose to go through with the abortion remains to be seen.  It wouldn't surprise me if this was a clever tactic by her to get lots of attention and then at the last minute announce that she has changed her mind; inviting people to follow her story through pregnancy.  She would then envisage magazine deals when the baby is born, photo shoots, opportunities to sell her story, autobiographies...

If, however, this is a serious claim by her to abort her baby in order to be famous, she will be famous for all of the wrong reasons with no right-minded broadcaster or publication wanting to be associated with her.

Someone needs to tell Josie Cunningham that there are alternative ways to become famous aside from getting your boobs out and sleeping with footballers.  However, I'm sure she will be unsuccessful in her quest to do the latter after they have seen how ruthless she can be to obtain a famous status.

What saddens me most about this story is if she does go through with her pregnancy, her child will see everything that has been going on this last weekend.  Equally, if she does abort the foetus, a perfectly healthy child has been killed when it could've gone on to give a child-less couple the happiness they crave.

In my eyes, happiness and love trump fame every single time; no question.

Josie Cunningham has got her wish, once more, she is temporarily famous. This time, not for getting her boobs out, but for being an outrageous, fame-hungry woman who has demonstrated her selfishness to the world.  I don't think it will be enough to get her that pink Range Rover and the big house, though.

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