My 28 day transformation and final Bootea results


Two weeks ago I wrote a review of Bootea and my experience so far (which can be read here if you are interested at all).  Today I finished my 28 day course and will now give my final review.  
I will try not to repeat myself too much, but apologies if that happens. 
28 days ago I was very fed up with my body.  Despite exercising at the gym 3-4 times a week and eating healthily, I didn’t seem to be losing any weight (on the scales or in my appearance). 
I had seen lots of good things about Bootea so decided to give it a go. 
I stepped up my gym attendance to 5 times a week; trying to do at least an hour of cardio and interval training while there, and finishing off with some toning and core exercises.
I didn’t change my diet too dramatically.  The eating plan, provided for free by Bootea, recommends you cut out meat from your diet.  I didn’t cut it out altogether but I did reduce how much I ate; only having meat in one meal every other day.  Instead, I ate a lot more fish.
My previous review contained the horrible before image and my progress half way through.  For those who didn’t read that, these pictures are demonstrated below:

After just 14 days there was a noticeable difference in my body shape. 
Not only that, I felt better in myself.  I had more energy, I was sleeping better, and my appetite was smaller.  I became more motivated to go to the gym, I got fuller quicker, and my skin improved as well. 
Some of this may have had something to do with the vast quantities of water I have been drinking, though.  I have always drank lots of water due to not liking tea or coffee but, while doing the teatox, I have been drinking between three and four litres a day.  I think the people at work must think I have some sort of problem the amount of times I am up and down to the toilet in the day!
These benefits continued in to the final two weeks of the course.  I also carried on with the exercise and healthy eating.
After 28 days, here are my results:

Overall I have lost just under a stone.  But I wasn’t bothered about losing weight – nobody ever picks me up so I don’t care how much I weigh!!
I was just bothered about looking and feeling better – which I certainly do now!
I’ve managed to buy holiday clothes (including a selection of lovely crop tops – CROP TOPS!!! I would never have dreamed of buying them for holiday 6 weeks ago) and finally don’t feel horrible in everything I wear.
It’s just 5 weeks now until I go on holiday so I am hoping to keep improving the bikini body.  I am going to have a couple of weeks break from the teatoxing and will do a 14 day course just before I go away, just to shift any last minute bloating.
I still hate my ‘before’ picture.  Taking that and having that on my phone is the best motivation for sticking at it.  On a Sunday morning when my alarm goes and I think about turning it off and going back to sleep, I remember that picture and get straight out of bed and to the gym.  I will keep that picture forever; maybe even put it in my purse for those moments when I’m at work and I need some chocolate to get me through the afternoon. 
I have worked really hard alongside drinking the Bootea.  This may mean that my results are better than some other people’s.  It also may lead people to think that the tea doesn’t work and I would have lost weight anyway, but I haven’t done anything different to before I began drinking the teas.  They have just given me the results I wanted to keep my motivation high and to spur me on to continue. 
To whoever is behind Bootea – thank you for making me feel happy and confident in my own skin again!
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After my last post a lot of people were asking me questions about Bootea. So, for those who are curious but don’t want to ask, here’s what you need to know: 
Do I just drink tea all the time?
No.  Bootea isn’t a meal replacement ‘diet’ – they are really dangerous.  Bootea is to be used alongside a healthy, balanced diet (there is a meal plan available ‘for maximum results’).  It is made up of one cup of daytime tea every morning, for the duration of your course, and one bedtime cleanse every other night.

Are the side effects of the bedtime cleanse bad?
The bedtime cleanse contains natural laxatives, but this isn’t a reason to be put off.  I didn’t notice any difference and my friends who have also done it haven’t really either.  But, obviously, everyone is different.  Bootea recommend that you first try the bedtime cleanse on a night when you aren’t going anywhere the next day, so you can assess how it reacts with you.  Your body soon gets in to a routine, though.

Will it work if I dont exercise?
I am no Bootea expert, but I wouldn’t have thought it would be all that effective if you didn’t try to do everything they recommend.  They recommend exercise and healthy eating for ‘maximum results’, and they wouldn’t recommend this if you didn’t need to do it.  I can’t imagine it being all that successful if you continue to eat rubbish and don’t do any exercise.

What does it taste like?
I hate tea.  I don’t drink any hot drinks (except hot chocolate when it’s really cold).  I was a bit nervous about the taste, having never had green tea before, and the first day was horrendous.  I gipped, gagged and couldn’t even finish the cup!  But after a bit of googling, I found that putting honey in can sweeten it up.  I started doing that and never looked back!  It may take a bit of getting used to if you have never tried green tea or don’t like it but, if I can start to like it, I think anyone can!

Do you just lose weight from your tummy?
My tummy is the most notable place that I have lost ‘weight’ from.  I suppose this is because where most of your bloating is and where a detox will flush all the rubbish out from.  However, because I have been exercising a lot I have noticed slight changes in the rest of my body.  I would say, though, that the only place other people would notice it on me would be my tummy.

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