What is luck? A few things to consider if you've had a bad day

Last week, like millions of others, I sat down and watched Lynda Bellingham's heartbreaking last television appearance.  To see her so bubbly and excited about her plans for the Christmas she never got to see was quite difficult to watch.

In her interview on Loose Women, Lynda described herself as lucky.

This really struck a chord with me.  Here was a lady who had a limited number of days, her life was being cut short because she had terminal cancer, and she was describing herself as lucky.

I often refer to myself as being unlucky.  I've never won the lottery, I never win the Daybreak or This Morning competition, my car would always break down (touch wood that's not happened for a while, though), and other trivial things like that.

Seeing Lynda Bellingham refer to herself as being lucky made me feel like the worst person in the world.  She was there facing this horrible situation with such poise and grace, finding a positive even at the darkest of times.  And here I am in good health with two jobs I love, planning my future with my other half, a supportive family, great friends etc. thinking I'm unlucky because I haven't won the Euro Millions.

A lovely, lovely lady I know has recently been diagnosed with secondary, incurable cancer.  This is after already having breast cancer a few years ago and beating it.  Rather than thinking like the world has got something against her, she is filled with so much positive energy.  She's one of the happiest, smiliest, most uplifting people I've probably ever met.

Seeing these two incredible women face unthinkably difficult times in their lives with so much positivity has inspired me recently.

Too many people are too quick to think that whatever problems they are experiencing are the worst thing in the world.

There is always someone worse off than you.  That's not to mean that your problems aren't worthy of being worried about or worthy of a bit of a stress and upset, but thinking about the bigger picture will always make you realise that you are luckier than you realise.

I'm renowned for making a mountain out of a molehill and over-thinking every tiny detail, but to call myself unlucky I don't think is warranted any more.

Everyone has things that are sent to test them, it's how you pick yourself up and tackle it that defines you as a person.  Lynda Bellingham proved herself to be a strong, inspiring woman who fought hard not to let herself be defeated or deflated by her disease.  My friend is exactly the same - positive, uplifting and inspiring.

If you've had a bad day, or someone you know has, instead of dwelling on everything that has gone wrong or upset you or annoyed you, sit and think about all the positive and good things in your life.

If someone who has just found out their life is going to be cut considerably short can keep a smile on her face and keep a positive attitude, you can definitely find at least one thing to smile about on a not-so-good day.

Whether your car has broken down and you've got to fork out to fix it, or you're having trouble at work, or you've split up with your other half - there's always at least one thing you can find to put a smile back on your face.

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