How I lost weight without even really doing anything - A review of 'Skinny Medical'

!!! There are pictures of me in a bikini in this blog post.  Please avert your eyes if you are easily offended/distressed/upset !!!

Everyone wants the same thing when trying to lose weight - to do it without having to eat healthily or go to the gym.

When I started my course of Skinny Medical I had all good intentions of sticking to their comprehensive diet plan and a strict exercise regime.  But, like most things, the best laid plans often go awry.

I picked possibly the worst 30 days to take this course of tablets and to stick to a healthy eating pattern - there was my birthday, my best friend's engagement party, we visited friends down South, it was Halloween... I don't think I've ever eaten so much cake or eaten out so frequently.

So I wasn't expecting great things from these tablets.  I've not had time to go to the gym because of work (and birthday outings) and I've not been eating very healthy at all.

But regardless of all that, the tablets have had a considerable effect:

It seems like these are the perfect option for people who want to lose weight but don't have the time to go to the gym and stick to a diet plan.

I eat relatively healthy anyway, so I doubt living off fast food and takeaways would see the same results, but I did eat a lot more cake than I would normally.  And had a lot of meals out (not that I would have changed that, it was my birthday!)

I don't like to call them 'diet pills' because that saying always conjures up negative connotations but I can't think how else I would describe Skinny Medical.

They are brown capsules which, at first glance, I thought were massive! (I'm not good at taking tablets) But a big gulp of water and it was fine.  They didn't have the nicest of tastes so sometimes I needed a bigger gulp of water to take them with - but a nasty after taste for a couple of seconds was a small price to pay.

The course Skinny Medical that I took was the 30 day option.  That involves taking one tablet twice a day (one before breakfast and one before lunch) for 30 days.

Skinny Medical advertises itself as being the quick, stress-free solution to weight loss by tackling the four main areas needed to successfully lose weight.  It claims that it burns fat, blocks carbs, suppresses your appetite and leaves you feeling more energised.  All the things you ever want when looking to lose weight!

I thought, at first, it all sounded a bit too good to be true - but I'm open to trying anything if the results are as good as they promise.  And for me, it seems they were.

I can't comment on the science-y stuff, but looking at my before & after pictures I would say it must have burnt some fat.

They definitely suppressed my appetite though.  I've cut my portion sizes in half some days because I've got fuller quicker and not been anywhere near as hungry.

I'm not sure I would say I was more energised, though.  At the end of a busy day at work I didn't have the energy (or the willpower to be honest) to drag myself to the gym to exercise for an hour or so.  I'm kicking myself a bit now for that because I imagine my results would be even better had I put a bit more effort in.

Even so, they seem to have worked wonders given the unusually unhealthy few weeks I have had.

Skinny Medical offer different length courses, depending on how much weight you want to lose and how long you want to give yourself.  There is the 30 day course, which I did, a two month course and a  four month course.

They provide a comprehensive diet plan which allows you to carry on eating all the foods you enjoy, without cutting anything out, and gives you a day-by-day guide as to what are the best foods to eat.  With all the will in the world, I wasn't able to stick to the diet plan.  With hindsight, I probably shouldn't have started taking the Skinny Medical product a week before my birthday - but hey ho, it must work to some degree for me to eat like I did and not exercise yet still achieve results like I have.

Unfortunately, my scales at home are broken so I haven't been able to see how much weight I have lost.  But weighing myself has never been something I have been very keen on.  As long as I look and feel ok, that's all that matters.

A 30 day course is £34.99 - quite reasonably priced really.  This is recommended as the starter pack as it gives you an idea of how the product works and lets you see if it is going to work for you.

A two month supply is £54.99 - a bit more pricey but if it works for you, that's a lot of weight loss you could see.

Finally, a four month supply is £89.99 (currently reduced from £149.99).  This is described as being the best value pack as you get loads more for your money.  If you know the product works for you, and you want to buy in bulk (not necessarily to use for four consecutive months, but to stock up and use for 30 days at a time) this would be for you.

If you are wanting to try the product, though, I would recommend starting with 30 days.  Any longer than that, if you aren't sure what it will be like for you, is a lot of money to spend.

I would highly recommend it to anyone, male or female, to give it a try.  If it's worked for me when I've been eating out, eating cake, drinking lots of alcohol and exercising the bare minimum, I imagine it could work wonders for those who give it a proper go!

But, if you are like me and are busy and don't necessarily have the time to commit to the gym and a healthy diet, this could be the ideal weight loss tool for you.

Diet pills have always worried me and I've always been a bit cautious - but I think I'm onto a winner with these ones.  Great job whoever is behind Skinny Medical.

If you are interested in giving it a go yourself, especially in the run up to the Christmas party season, visit their website by following this link to find out more about the product, the diet plan, and the different length courses on offer.

If you've got any questions or queries about my experience using the product, any side effects or anything else feel free to contact me using the contact form.


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  2. Do you think this would be suitable for a 17 year old to try?

    1. Hi Kylee,

      I am not too sure. If I was 17, though, I would probably give it a go. You can always try them for a week and if it doesn't work out for you stop taking them :) x

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