Join us to get Pretty Muddy this summer!

Me and two of the girls from work are taking part in a women-only event this summer to raise vital funds for Cancer Research UK.  Calling ourselves the Mud-Donna's, the three of us from Selby Times are getting ready to take on a new spin on the Race for Life and will be running/walking/staggering around a 5km muddy obstacle course.

The Race for Life Pretty Muddy events are taking place up and down the country during the summer months and I would really encourage as many females as possible to take part to raise money for the charity as well as awareness for all the different types of cancer that are out there.

Me, Charlotte and Kezia will be tackling the course at York Racecourse on Saturday, July 4 and are hoping to raise lots of money in the process.  We also want to encourage other women out there to take part - if not in Pretty Muddy then one of the other Race for Life events. 

Each of us have our own, personal reasons for taking part in this muddy challenge and will keep the people we are doing it for close in our hearts throughout the morning.

If getting down and dirty for 5km isn't for you, and running around a 5km/10km course doesn't tickle your fancy, then donating whatever money you can spare will be more than enough.  The work that Cancer Research UK does is vital in finding cures, treatments and ways to make those suffering at the hands of cancer more comfortable.

The #NoMakeUpSelfie campaign last year raised over £8 million in just a week and that was done simply by uploading a photo of yourself with no make-up on (or, in the case of some men, a full face of slap!)

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer with the horrible disease not caring who it picks to be its latest victim.  By donating towards the work done by Cancer Research UK, you could be part of the work to find a definitive cure once and for all.

If you want to join a Race for Life event, follow this link to find your nearest event.  If you don't fancy working up a sweat and tackling any of the courses or routes, but still want to help, please donate some money towards our sponsorship (or any else's - it all goes to the same place!)

The link to our Just Giving page is here - Mud-Donna's Just Giving - please donate whatever you can spare.

Together, we can beat cancer.

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