Paula Radcliffe, I'm coming for you!

Okay, that was maybe an exaggeration, I'm not actually planning on doing anything even worthy of comparing myself to Paula Radcliffe (although, we do both have asthma...)

I've done it, though - I've signed up to a challenge and, whilst it might not be a challenge to many, it certainly will be to me.

On Sunday, August 2 I will be taking part in the York 10k with my brother.

Those who know me and Jack will know that we are polar opposites when it comes to running and exercise.  He is pretty much a pro athlete - he's on an athletics scholarship at a university in America and spends every single day running and most weekends competing.  

I, on the other hand, am a pro spectator.  I know all the right cheers and all the best encouraging chants to shout as I sit on the sidelines.

But, to raise money for a charity that is now close to both of our hearts, we have decided to join forces and take on a 10k together.

Recently, our nana was diagnosed with bowel cancer and only has about a year to live. That's why we are raising money for Bowel Cancer UK - to help other people who are suffering and hopefully fund more research into this disease. Unfortunately, there's not much they can do for our nana now other than to make sure she's as comfortable and pain free as possible, but hopefully our fundraising can help save or prolong someone else's life. 

You may have read my post yesterday about feeling like I needed to make a difference and after much searching and deliberating I decided a 10k was a good way for me to start.

I am still doing the 5k Race for Life Pretty Muddy in July, which will be a nice warm-up for me ready for the 10k just four weeks later!

I don't doubt that Jack will finish the run before I'm even at 5k, but I'm not doing this to win or to set a PB (which won't be hard cos I've never run 10k before in my life!), or to beat my brother - I'm doing this to raise money, awareness and to help people.

If you would like to read more about mine & Jack's reasons for taking on this challenge (or normal Sunday run in Jack's case) then please visit our JustGiving page and, if you're feeling generous or have a bit of money to spare, please sponsor us.  

When I feel like giving up at about 1.5k, I'll need something to spur me on and remind me why I am putting myself through this torture and that will be the thought of how much money I will be raising for this worthy cause.

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