What started as a run for charity is now a run in memory of our nana.

It's almost here - in 72 hours time I will be about to embark on the York 10k.  This will be the furthest I've ever ran in one go and will be a huge test for me (I absolutely despise running!)

As many of you will already know, my nana passed away a couple of weeks ago from bowel cancer.

She was only diagnosed with the disease at the end of March and after further tests was told she would have 12 to 18 months to live.  But the cancer was so severe and aggressive that, instead, it was a matter of weeks.  When we signed up to do the York 10k we never, ever imagined that two days before it would be my nana's funeral.  We thought she would still be with us, cheering us on and waiting eagerly to see how far behind Jack I finished!

I've already written a blog post about the c-word and my nana's passing, so I won't dwell on that again here. (If you want to read it, follow this link)

This post is all about asking (begging) you to sponsor us for the 10k.

Me and my brother, Jack, signed up to do the York 10k after my nana was diagnosed as we wanted to raise money for Bowel Cancer UK.

My training was going really well (as well as it could for me) and I was managing to get a couple of runs a week in - getting quicker each time.  But I was quite poorly a couple of weeks ago with vertigo and labyrinthitis and this set me back quite a lot.  I couldn't even walk a few steps let alone run anywhere!  So it could be quite interesting how I get on on Sunday (I also have some pretty nasty blisters from wearing heels last weekend and walking a really long way.  But that's not as good of an excuse for running slow as being poorly so I'll stick with the first one ha!)

Obviously since my nana passed away this run has become even more important to us and we now want to raise even more money in memory of our nana.

After my nana died, my lovely, supportive fiancé Tom also signed up to do the run with us to support me and Jack and, hopefully, improve our chances of raising lots of cash for a worthwhile charity.

It's the end of the month so everyone has either just been paid or will be getting paid tomorrow, so please, please spare some of your pennies and sponsor us for this.  If the money we raise can go towards more research into this horrible, nasty disease and more support for those suffering first hand then all the blisters and sore legs will have been worth it.

If the money we raise can stop someone's family member and friend suffering the same way my nana did then we will have succeeded.  Until they find a cure for this horrible disease, charities such as Bowel Cancer UK are so important in providing support and care for those suffering from bowel cancer and their loved ones.

To sponsor us for the York 10k, please visit our JustGiving page - www.justgiving.com/Natalie-Derham1

We are so, so grateful to everyone who has sponsored us so far - family, friends, work colleagues, and people we don't even know - thank you so, so much!  Every little helps and if you have even just a few pounds spare please sponsor us and help us to raise money in our nana's memory.

RIP Nana, we hope we can do you proud <3

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