ActiDerm duo wraps (thermo and lipo sculpt) tried, tested and reviewed for you

I've recently been trialling the latest craze because, well, I love a good test of a product that claims to help you slim down!  The latest big thing is ActiDerm and, essentially, it is an online company which sells all sorts of weight loss, inch loss and slimming agents along with beauty and skin products.

I'd seen a few people on Facebook talking about it and was added to the group of a local ambassador and kept seeing pictures of incredible transformations from doing these wrap things.  It sounded so simple - no drinking horrible tasting tea and worrying about pooing; no need to spend hours in the gym; and no strict diet to follow.

I was intrigued and thought I'd give it a whirl since I've already tried and reviewed Bootea and Skinny Medical.  This was something different and I'm all for trying something new if it will give me the results I'd seen other people showing.  The big question is, as ever, do they work?

There are lots of different options when it comes to these wraps.  You can do a thermo wrap, a lipo sculpt wrap, or purchase a dual kit and try them both.

The ActiDerm thermo wrap, which includes the lotion and two wraps, is £26.

The ActiDerm lipo sculpt wrap also includes the lotion and two wraps and is £26.

A duo wrap kit contains both lotion and two wraps and is £38.50.

I tried the duo wrap kit because I don't do things by halves and wanted to give it the best possible shot in order to write an accurate review.

I contacted the ambassador who ran the Facebook group that I was added to and she could not have been more helpful and friendly.  She gave me comprehensive, step-by-step instructions on how to do the wrap to achieve the best results and was there to answer any questions or queries that I had.

The same instructions apply for both wraps, so that was a bit easier.  Here's what you have to do...

  • Drink two litres of water throughout the day prior to doing a wrap
  • Have a bath or shower and exfoliate whilst in there to full open up your pores
  • Measure yourself in three places to compare before and after measurements.  Under bust, middle and hips are recommended if doing a tummy wrap
  • Apply a good palm full of gel to the desired area and massage into the area for approximately five to ten minutes.  You should start to feel a tingling/warm friction when it is dry
  • If doing a tummy wrap, wrap the first bandage from bottom to middle and the second from middle to top - make sure they are tight, but not too tight
  • Cling film around yourself at least three times to keep the heat in and make yourself a hot water bottle
  • Lay flat for an hour with the hot water bottle on the wrapped area - you can even wear a dressing gown or warm clothing to keep even more heat in
  • Once your hour is up remove the bandages.  Make sure you don't wash the lotion off as it keeps working during the night

And that's that!

So, I gave that a go at the beginning of June and, whilst my results weren't quite as dramatic and drastic as other people's I saw, they were still good to say that I literally just put some gel on and wrapped myself in a bandage and lay down for an hour!

I did these wraps almost two months ago now but have been so busy I've not had chance to get round to reviewing them properly.  Still carrying a bit of padding from the winter months, I was hopeful they would be the kick up the bum I needed to really work on the old summer body.  There's nothing worse than trying to motivate yourself to exercise when you're feeling like a big, horrible lump!

So here are my results (pictures were taken on 4th, 5th and 6th of June this year):


Under bust: 32"
Middle: 34.5"
Hips: 40"

Under bust: 31"
Middle 32.5"
Hips: 39"

Under bust: 31"
Middle: 30"
Hips: 37"

In total I lost an inch from under my bust, four and a half inches from my middle, and three inches from my hips - just by wrapping myself for an hour two consecutive nights.  Measuring myself is never something I have thought to do/done when trying out these products/hitting the gym and healthy eating.  Sometimes with before and after pictures (which I started using when I did the Bootea review) you can see a huge difference but you don't necessarily appreciate how many physical inches you've lost.  In future, I will definitely take note of inches as well as physical appearance.

I found that the whole wrap process was quite long and I really struggled to lay horizontal for a whole hour (it's a really long time when you've stuff you need to be doing on a night!) so I would apply the lotion on a morning before work or on a night and even noticed results doing that.  They weren't as noticeable or 'drastic' as these but there was still a definite loss of inches and a firming of the area.

I also noticed when I used the thermo gel that when I rubbed it in, my arms would touch/rub on the areas where I had rubbed the gel in and my skin would go bright red, almost like a burn.  It went away after half an hour but it was scary at first! I was assured this was just the thermo gel working on the area, though.  So don't worry if that happens to you when you do it!

You can use the wraps on any area of your body - your belly, bum, thighs, arms etc.  And they aren't just for women, I've seen examples of men using them and they work just as well.

The science behind it is all far too complex for me to remember but it is all explained in detail on the ActiDerm website.

I really enjoyed this product and, despite it being a bit of a faff, it was the easiest way I've found to get really quick, visible results.

I am now trying another one of their really popular products, the 'seven day shred'.  This gives you a cordial type drink to dilute with water and sip throughout the day along with one meal replacement shake or soup to have each day for seven days.

I'll try and do the wraps alongside the seven day shred as I'm going on holiday in two weeks and, after being poorly recently and losing my nana, my beach body leaves a hell of a lot to be desired!

In the meantime, if you want to purchase anything from ActiDerm, find out more or just have a browse of what is on offer, you can visit it by clicking on this link.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will try my best to answer them, if not I'll put you in touch with the lovely Demi who helped me work it all out at first.

I'll be back next week with my seven day shred results! :) x

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  1. hi I'm doing the duo wrap but I'm not to sure if I'm doing it right. do I put the wrap on the first night and the next day just the lotion? or do I use a thermos wrap 1 day and the next day a lipo wrap?

  2. Hey hun.
    You should be able to ask the ambassador you brought from, if not I'm happy to help. Just add me as a friend as we can chat.
    Stacey Faringdon x

  3. sorry but what a crock of crap just finished the duo and not 1mm lost very dissapointed more ao with myself for actually thinking this would work! waste of 40quid

    1. Ohh no, I'm sorry to hear that! I'm sure the person I ordered mine from offered some sort of money back guarantee if you didn't see any results? I was very skeptical when I did mine and, I have to say, whilst the results were good initially they weren't long-term or long lasting.

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