York 10k - the de-brief (and photos)

Six months ago, me and Tom went for a run around the block (it's probably just under a mile) and I was absolutely rubbish. I couldn't even run to the end of the street before I was panting and giving up. This morning, helped again by Tom, we ran the York 10k in 1 hour and 11 minutes.

We were running in memory of our nana, who passed away 3 weeks ago, and I'm sure we did her really proud. 

After her initial diagnosis, me and my brother, Jack, signed up to run and raise money for Bowel Cancer UK. We never imagined at the time that our nana would not be here to watch us run but her sudden passing only spurred us on to try harder and raise even more money. After she died Tom signed up too to help - not only help get me round but help us raise even more money. 

My target time for today was 1hr 20mins. Up until now the furthest I'd run was 8k and that took me an hour - so I'm so happy with this!

Jack, the pro athlete in the family, ran the 10k in 38mins. After he finished he walked back to meet me and Tom and the three of us ran the last 1.5k together. 

We set our fundraising target before starting at £500 and have more than surpassed that now, currently at over £800! 

Please, if you haven't already and you have a couple of pounds to spare, visit our JustGiving page here. To all those who have sponsored us already - thank you so much! I will thank everyone properly next week. 

Here are a few pictures from today (to prove we did it haha!)

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