ActiDerm 'Seven Day Shred' review and results

After trying out the ActiDerm thermo wrap and lipo scuplt wrap back in June, I decided I would embark upon the ActiDerm seven day shred.

The shred is quite simple - for seven days you replace one meal a day with either a shake or a soup: so either breakfast, dinner or tea.  I chose to replace my dinner because I don't eat that many calories for breakfast so thought I'd continue with that as normal and I could never give up a big meal at tea time!

As well as having one shake a day, you get a little bottle of what looks like medicine.  Whilst doing your seven day shred you are to dilute 20ml of the liquid in 500ml of water and sip it slowly throughout the morning/day.  Once you've finished your shred, you can take it down to 10ml per 500ml of water until the bottle is empty.

The shakes come in all different flavours and, unsure of what any of them would taste like, played it safe and went for strawberry.  I was a bit apprehensive about what it would taste like and was pleasantly surprised.  It was very, very sweet and tasted quite a lot like Nesquik - so it was okay!

The solution (called Hydra Slim) also tasted surprisingly nice.  It doesn't look too nice, but it smells really fruity and I really liked the taste of it.  It was a bit like weak cordial so I was fine.

The first couple of days were a bit of a struggle - you're supposed to cut down the calorie intake of your meals and reduce snacking etc. which is my downfall.  At work there's always cake, biscuits, sweets, chocolate... SO MUCH TEMPTATION! But I resisted and powered through and it was so much easier from then.  The shake took me a while to drink with it being quite sweet, so I was quite full afterwards.

Then I would have a homemade smoothie (either strawberry and banana or strawberry and peach) in the afternoon with an apple, and for tea would try keep it as healthy as possible without it being boring and me not wanting to eat.

Under bust: 31"
Middle: 30"
Hips: 37"

Under bust: 30"
Middle: 28"
Hips: 35"

I was quite surprised that my results were this good, though I did try and be really strict with what I ate for the 7 days.  I'd have porridge with a bit of golden syrup or two weetabix for breakfast, some strawberries or a banana as a mid-morning snack, then I'd have the ActiDerm shake for lunch, a homemade fruit smoothie and/or an apple (depending how much I was craving sweet things!) in the afternoon, then my tea when I got home.

I kept drinking two to three cups of green tea a day and drank two to three litres of water as well (this is just normal for me).

Some days I really struggled and just wanted a chocolate biscuit but I fought the temptation (except on one day where I just couldn't resist any more and had three of those amazing Fox's chocolate chunk cookies!)

I had wanted to do the seven day shred alongside the wraps, but I just didn't have time!  I only wrapped once and that was right at the start, so I imagine it would have been even better had I done them both together.

Now the real test will be if I can sustain this until my holiday in 10 days.  If all my holiday pictures are of me in a big t-shirt, you'll know it didn't happen..!

To find out more about ActiDerm or buy any of their products, visit this link.

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