21 signs you were a school girl in the 00's

The 90's and 00's were great decades - girl power reigned supreme, you could have turkey twizzlers for your school dinner and Britney Spears re-invented the school uniform.  We still went out and bought CD singles when they were released, we'd do dance routines to pop songs in the playground and played Snake on our Nokia's until our hearts were content.  It was a time of fashion mishaps, make-up disasters and ten years of horror hair - but it made us who we are today!

Here are 21 signs you were a schoolgirl in the 00's:

1. Having a sleepover and having to check with everyone's parents how many alcopops they were allowed - rock'n'roll!

2. Before GHDs we had a choice - straight, wavy or crimped.  And all on the same appliance too!

3. The one-stop-shop for all your ear piercing and jewellery needs:

4. You tipp-ex mouse running out of tipp-ex tape and not covering your mistakes properly.

5. This was how we worked out whether we were compatible with boys:

6. Every girl had one of these in her hand bags and a cloud of Charlie Red followed us wherever we went.

7. Body glitter was the in-thing until we realised it was only supposed to go on our cheeks and collarbones - not every visible bit of skin.
 8. Staying up late to watch Footballer's Wives and feeling really naughty.

9. Managing to smash the latest pop song as your ringtone and feeling like a God.

10. Choosing your top friends on MySpace was the toughest decision of your day.

11. Writing everything in smelly gel pens (whatever happened to them!?)

12. 'Too many clips' was not possible.
13. Jacqueline Wilson books were the best.

14. Going to Boots when you got your pocked money to buy some more 'Glitter Babes' make-up and nail varnish.

15. Crying real, teenage girl tears when Will Young beat Gareth Gates in Pop Idol.

16. Predicting everyone's future with these:

17. This was your PE bag:

18. Everyone's first perfume:

19: We all had some Groovy Chick stationery/bubble bath/bedding/everything

20: Feeling really grown up reading this because it mentioned snogging and thongs on the front cover!

21. Owning a pair of these and not being able to wear them outside when it rained:

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